Stop rooting for the Warriors demise. Enjoy them while you still can (Isaiah J. Downing/USA TODAY Sports)

Do you know what really grinds my gears? NBA Fans. They are the WORST. We are in the middle of playoff basketball and I all hear is free agency talk. Where is Kevin Durant going? Will Klay Thompson actually leave? What about Kyrie Irving? Knicks, Knicks, Knicks! I can’t take it anymore. The NBA is apparently so boring that the common fan has no interest in actually watching the games. They are more interested in a league that resembles wife swap where fans just want players to constantly change locations for no other reason outside of pure boredom. It’s a joke and I’m sick of it.

That brings me to the most popular take in the NBA going for the past 3 years. It appears that fans across the country can’t stand the Warriors (unless you are a Warriors fan). Everybody is sick of them. It’s time to take a stand against all of this nonsense. Stop rooting for the Warriors demise. Enjoy the greatness while you still can.

For the record, before I begin any further, I’m a Celtics fan. If anyone should be mad at the Warriors, it should be me. Durant would be a Celtic if the Warriors dynasty didn’t exist. They, of course, finished 2nd in the Durant free agency sweepstakes a few years ago. The issue is I can’t even be mad about it because the hate towards Durant and the Warriors is so outrageous that I have no choice but to speak out and defend them.

Hating the Warriors has never made any sense. If you hate them, just realize that you either don’t make sense as a person or you hate intelligent things. If you can’t fathom that, well, then you’re dumb. The NBA has a salary cap. The Oakland A’s, Tampa Bay Rays, and Pittsburgh Pirates in baseball are the teams that should be complaining. There is no salary cap in baseball.

The Warriors drafted Steph Curry and 5 teams passed on him in the 2009 NBA Draft. The Timberwolves passed on him twice. Blame the Timberwolves for helping create the Warriors dynasty. Not Golden State for being smart enough to draft him. How about Klay Thompson. Golden State drafted him 11th. That means 10 teams passed on him. Instead, be mad at the Sacramento Kings for drafting Jimmer Fredette 10th, not the Warriors for being smart enough to draft Thompson. Draymond Green was taken in 2nd round. 29 other teams could have easily taken him. No hate should be directed towards the Warriors front office. That would be just hating something that’s smart. Do you hate Uber, sewer systems, or dishwashers? No, because they took intelligence and innovation to create. You should hate things that are dumb instead.

Steph Curry is the ultimate underdog story. He wasn’t highly recruited. Curry went to Davidson. Yes, Davidson. Curry isn’t the biggest, strongest, or fastest, yet found a way to change the NBA forever. The 3-point shot is a staple because of Curry. In what world is that hate-able? Klay Thompson went to Washington State. He has zero ego and has no concern about how many shots or points he gets. That’s somebody that you should like, not hate. Draymond Green was a second round pick. So what that he goes a little overboard sometimes. He might not be in the league if he didn’t have that fire. That’s a you problem if you can’t handle it.

But what about Kevin Durant? He joined a 73 win team! Blah, blah, blah; why do you care? What are you so upset about? At the end of the day, you’re mad about where a person wants to live his life and play basketball. If that’s not good enough, let’s really break it down. Legacies are now defined by rings. Michael Jordan is crowned the best player ever because he went 6 for 6. Jordan was lucky to get drafted by a big market city and did nothing until he was given Scottie Pippen. Durant was drafted by the Seattle Sonics. He was uprooted and moved to a ghost town Oklahoma City. He was told that they were going to go cheap and couldn’t afford James Harden. He was told that the keys were getting handed over to a cancer, Russell Westbrook. Despite having a playing style that was never going to win, the franchise never held Westbrook accountable. You’re mad at Durant for leaving that situation? Get a life.


But what about joining a 73 win team! So what? In the world I live in, if you ain’t first, you’re last. The Warriors didn’t win a title the year they won 73 games. Who cares about regular season wins? I have been lectured that the regular season doesn’t matter anyway. The last time I checked, the rest of the league was catching up to the Warriors. Houston was starting to become dangerous, the Cavs were the new champs, and the Spurs are still the Spurs. Can you really saw with full confidence the Warriors win any of their last two titles without Kevin Durant? I know I can’t. He won both Finals MVPs. Durant is and has always been the best player in the NBA. He wins a title anywhere except with Westbrook. Nobody can win with Westbrook.

I love watching the Warriors play. All of them are so unselfish. All of them are highly efficient players. All of them work together perfectly. I like things that are well run. You don’t have to but understand that means that you are probably dumb. So here we are. 99 percent of NBA fans are crying and actively rooting against the Warriors. It’s never made any sense. Then again, we live in a country that elected that raging idiot, Donald Trump. Maybe it does make sense now. Be better, people. Stop rooting for the Warriors demise. Enjoy them while you still can. Is the NBA really so boring that we can’t even find the playoffs entertaining? I know I have a lot of fun watching Golden State. You should too.