DK Metcalf
Rookie Mini Camps are underway and Pete Carroll is already foaming at the mouth at DK Metcalf (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

DK Metcalf blew up the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine. After running a 40 yard dash time at 4.33 while being jacked out of his mind, I’m sure the Seahawks were thrilled that Metcalf dropped to the back end of the 2nd round in the draft. Rookies are starting to come into rookie camp already and head coach, Pete Carroll is already raving about how Metcalf looks in a Seahawks practice uniform.

“I mean, he’s big and he’s fast,” coach Pete Carroll said Friday after Metcalf’s debut at rookie minicamp. “[H]is catching range was exhibited today for a start. And you know, we’ve got to figure it out, figure out where it is, maybe even more unique than we thought coming in. So we just develop it as we go. But big and really fast and the catching range was really obvious today.”

“You know, sometimes the bigger guys, the feet just don’t move as quick,” Carroll said. “His feet were really, really lightning quick and it showed it out here today already. So that means that the potential is there to make him an excellent releaser. He’s already going to be really strong and using his hands, getting off the ball, but to have that combination, when we get a chance to tie it all together, it should be a really good package.

Metcalf needs to step into a number one type of receiver right away. All reports that have come out recently have indicated that Doug Baldwin is probably done. Injuries have just caught up to him. Metcalf is in line to start with Tyler Lockett as the deep ball target. It’s a good sign that Metcalf has shown up in rookie camp because people were really starting to get on Metcalf for his slow 3-cone drill.

That’s what makes Metcalf so polarizing. He looks like an alien because of how freakish his physique looks. He has virtually no college production either. In the 2nd round, Metcalf is worth a look but he still remains the biggest boom or bust prospect in the entire 2019 NFL Draft. For the record, Metcalf was my favorite pick the Seahawks made in my draft grades. They made a lot of picks but didn’t make a ton of good picks. It seems like so far, Carroll’s favorite is Metcalf too.