Steph Curry
(Noah Graham/Getty Images)

Steph Curry Still Runs The NBA

Steph Curry had two games back-to-back this week with at least 10 three-pointers made. Curry was 11 of 16 from beyond the arc and had 42 points on Wednesday against the Thunder. Just two days prior against the Nuggets on Monday he went 10 for 18 from three and dropped 53 points. Does anyone realize how insane that is? Few people even attempt 10 threes in a game, but Steph Curry made 10…two games in a row. For all the mathematical minds out there, 11 of 16 from the ark is equivalent to 69%. The league average in three-point percentage is 37%. In his career, Steph Curry has averaged 43.4%. Steph Curry became so good at what he does that he literally changed the NBA forever. NBA offenses revolve around the perimeter now, and that’s all because teams value the three-point shot more than ever thanks to him. Why attempt two-pointers when the league average is below 50% when you can chuck up a three-pointer and make 37% of them on average?

Before the Golden State Warriors were declared a super-team when Kevin Durant arrived in 2016, the Warriors won 72 games in a season. They won 72 games because Steph made three-pointers at an inconceivable rate and Klay Thompson was right behind him. The three-point shot is borderline impossible to defend because players have adapted to shoot with hands in their face and if a defender even breathes on a shooter in today’s NBA, a foul is called. So for defenses playing against Steph Curry, you have two choices. Either contest a shot and hope Steph doesn’t make it, or foul him and give him three free throws with a 90% chance that he makes each one. Curry is literally a cheat code, and he was the developer that changed the game.

Let’s also be honest, shall we? The Lakers aren’t winning the 2020 finals if Klay Thompson and Draymond Green were both healthy for the playoffs. And there’s no doubt in my mind that the Warriors would have smashed Toronto in 2019 had the ‘big three’ in Golden State been healthy that year too. If people are going to make excuses for LeBron’s Lakers in 2018-19 and claim they weren’t healthy, then they need to make those same excuses for Steph to account for the last two seasons. Even some players resent Steph for what he does to their teams, and that’s just sad.

People Are Quick To Forget, And Quick To Hate

The three-pointer is boring, I get it. I’m not a huge fan of watching two teams go back and forth chucking up three’s every possession either. But when Steph Curry does it, everyone should be watching, because nobody will ever do it as efficiently and as beautifully as him again. This dude has already won three NBA Finals, two MVP awards, and one of them was the first unanimous vote in NBA history. Yet people and old-heads like Michael Jordan around the NBA still try to trash him for the way he plays the game.

If it weren’t for him, the NBA would not be where it is as a business today. There’s a reason so many new-age kids wear Curry Warriors jerseys on their back. It’s because he’s the kind of player that can only exist through sheer practice and hard work. He’s only 6’3″ and doesn’t even weigh more than 190. Nobody can work out and train hard to become 6’8″ like LeBron, but you can shoot like Steph if you practice enough. Even still, nobody has or will come close to shooting at the level that he does. In other words, Steph is more relatable.

Not to mention, Curry easily has top five-level handles in the game as far as point guards go, and he’s an elite passer that has great court vision. But this is just another example of an excellent attribute that gets overshadowed by the hate and disdain that people have for his stellar perimeter game. Again, I used to be one of those people that hated on Steph and the idea that three-pointers was the new wave. Then I realized that leagues across all sports always change, and always evolve, as they should. Steph Curry will go down as one of those players that many hate right now because he terrorizes so many teams. Sure enough, those same people that hate him now will look back in 10+ years and appreciate what he did for the game and realize how great he truly was. By then, the haters will find someone new to hate that changes the game, and the cycle will continue. No matter what though, Steph Curry runs the NBA over 10 years into his career, and his skill-set won’t ever go away because of how good he shoots the ball.

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