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We are coming down the home stretch of the NBA season, and the Golden State Warriors aren’t exactly where they thought they would be at the start of the season, that’s for sure. There are a number of factors into why the season has gone so wrong, injuries being the biggest. No one would have foreseen Klay Thompson going down with another massive injury, Steph has missed time this year and others. But I am here to reassure all Warriors fans, this is not the time to abandon ship. The Golden State Warriors dynasty is not over, just gotta show a little patience.

Young Kids

Let’s start with the obvious, the future looks pretty good in Golden State. Contrary to what some on this site might believe, James Wiseman does not need to play at an elite level right now. It is still his rookie year and he has shown flashes of excellence throughout the season. Are there times where the opposite can be said? Sure. But with mentors around him like Draymond Green, he is basically assured to get better. The same can be said with their young pieces like Guard Nico Mannion and Forward Jordan Poole. These guys have their whole careers ahead of them and have unbelievable guys ahead of them in Steph Curry and Klay Thompson.

Does That Steph Curry Guy Still Play?

Next, let’s not forget that a 2-time MVP plays for the Golden State Warriors still in Steph Curry. The man is the greatest shooter in NBA history and has single-handily changed the way the game is played. For my money, he just might be the greatest Point Guard in NBA history, but that is a debate for another time (I am looking at you, Alex Chick). Curry has too much greatness within him to let this team fall by the wayside. With all the injuries they have battled this year, this team is only 3 games below .500 in the absolutely STACKED Western Conference, putting them 2.5 games out of a playoff spot.

Coaching Matters

Finally, they have one of the best coaches around in Steve Kerr. Again, contrary to what some on this site think, Kerr is among the top of the head coaching ranks. He is a proven winner and he is making chicken salad out of chicken shit so far this season. He has gotten the best out of his players when they needed it, and if they can find a way to squeak into the playoffs, that should put all the haters away on his “inability to actually coach”.

Our thoughts before the season started on the Warriors

Now, I know it may be hard to see how bright the future still is for the Golden State Warriors. Multiple 30 point losses this season, stars Steph Curry and Klay Thompson aren’t getting any younger. But with Steph only being 33 and Klay 31, the championship window is still open for this team. Give the young guys another year or two to develop, get good role guys in free agency and FINALLY get everyone healthy, and you are looking at a real threat in an already loaded Western Conference.

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