Demetric Felton
Does anybody know what Demetric Felton is? NFL teams will need to figure it out. Here is your Demetric Felton 2021 NFL Draft profile. (Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports)

Demetric Felton 2021 NFL Draft Profile

Running back? Wide receiver? Nobody knows! Demetric Felton is one of the most frustrating prospects heading into the 2021 NFL Draft and none of it is his fault. The UCLA weapon has some ability but nobody quite knows what he is. Let’s check out the Demetric Felton, 2021 NFL Draft profile!

Standing at 5-foot-9, 189, Felton is sort of a jack of all trades. He can even return kicks. My biggest fear is he’s just another Theo Riddick and nobody ever cares. Felton had some big moments. Against USC, Felton made some big plays in the passing game. The UCLA product also had a positive Senior Bowl week.

I’m not sure why teams are pushing the WR route on Felton. He’s way better suited as a running back that can catch. The route tree here is just limited. So is the frame. You’re also limiting his potential. If Felton can prove to be the style of an Aaron Jones, then he’s valuable. This WR nonsense has gone too far.

Felton looks like a natural tailback. He’s got more power than you think. He’s got some wiggle and can make guys miss. However, a 4.55 – 40 time with his frame is a major red flag. Can’t be 189 pounds and lack speed. Not a formula that usually cuts it in the NFL. Especially one that lacks a true position in the first place.

In 2020, Felton rushed for 668 yards on 132 attempts (5.1 YPC). His best receiving year came in 2019 where he posted 594 yards on 55 receptions. Felton has been all over the map playing virtually every role on the field.

I have Demetric Felton just inside the running back rankings slotting in at number 10. Felton could easily be a bust and I’m honestly leaning towards that projection. There is some upside if a team can actually figure out a way to use him. The lack of elite burst in a smaller frame has me concerned.

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