Start Em Sit Em

Start Em Sit Em is back for this week as we are entering close to the end of the fantasy season. For a lot of y’all this is either the start of your fantasy playoffs or the week before. Either way, most of these games are must wins for seeding or progressing through the playoffs. Let me help you win your fantasy week with my Start Em and Sit Em for this week.

Start Em Sit Em QB


Kirk Cousins: Kirk Cousins and the Vikings play the notoriously bad defense in the Jaguars. Even Kirk Cousins can look good against them.

Mike Glennon: Conversely, the Jaguars face the bad defense in the Vikings. Mike Glennon did just fine against the Browns, he should be even better against the Vikings. This game should be high-scoring and filled with fantasy production.

Derek Carr: I don’t care what happened last week, or frankly last year when the Raiders were 6-4. This team will not stumble to a 7-9 record. They play the winless Jets, they will be fine and Derek Carr will have a good week.


Taysom Hill: Taysom Hill isn’t a good QB. He’s a gadget guy in a great system. Don’t be fooled. If the Falcons play defense like they did against the Raiders, Hill will be exposed.

Alex Smith: Alex Smith’s story and the comeback was awesome, but he hasn’t been playing well. Alex Smith couldn’t get it going against the Cowboys last week. He has no chance of having a great game against the Steelers.

Matthew Stafford: I have defended Matthew Stafford as long as I could, not being able to tear up the Texans defense was it for me. He is definitely unplayable against the Bears.

Start Em Sit Em RB


David Montgomery: David Montgomery is the unquestioned lead back for the Bears. Let’s make this clear, DUKE JOHNSON had an awesome week against the Lions. David Montgomery is going to EAT against the Lions then.

Josh Jacobs/Devontae Booker: I’m still not sure if Josh Jacobs is playing with a sprained ankle so I put Devontae Booker just in case. Either way, the Raiders will play their smash mouth football and try to run the ball down the Jets throat. This is only more opportunities for Jacobs and Booker.

Nyheim Hines: Hines has emerged as the go-to for the Colts for now. Lions RBs did alright against the Texans. With the Colts playing the Texans this week, Hines is a safe start.


Duke Johnson: Duke Johnson had his day against the Lions, that won’t happen this week against the Colts. Don’t be fooled about his one-game performance.

Broncos RBs: With the Broncos playing the Chiefs, there is only one way to beat them. You have to keep up with their potent offense and score. The Broncos will need to throw which means Broncos RBs aren’t the way to go.

Kenyan Drake: With the Cardinals playing the stout Rams Defense, there’s no good reason why Drake should start on your fantasy team. It’ll be a great day, just not for Drake.

Start Em Sit Em WRs


AJ Brown: AJ BROWN IS AN AUTOMATIC START FROM NOW ON. After facing a tough Colts defense and pouring it on, there’s no reason to worry about his production anymore. Start him every week.

Robert Woods: I like Robert Woods more than Cooper Kupp this week. I think Patrick Patterson on the Cardinals focuses his attention on Kupp, which opens up the field for Woods.

Collin Johnson: WHO?! Exactly, Collin Johnson killed it for the Jaguars last week against the Browns. Glennon might have a connection with him, take the chance and start him against the Vikings.


Terry McLaurin: I love Scary Terry but I can’t play him this week. With not a lot of offense on Washington, the Steelers’ defense is going to focus on Terry, making it a hard day for him.

Amari Cooper: With the Cowboys playing the Ravens this week, Amari Cooper will be covered by one of the best secondary in the NFL. I wouldn’t start him.

Brandin Cooks: Even though Will Fuller is now out for the rest of the season. Even though Brandin Cooks is now the number 1 for the Texans, he’s going against the Colts defense. I wouldn’t trust that option.

Tight Ends


Hayden Hurst: Hayden Hurst faces the Saints defense who have trouble covering TEs. This is good for Hurst owners. Start him and he should have a good day.

Jonnu Smith: JONNNNNNNU, I am glad to have him back in the start him column. Against the Browns, Jonnu should have a great day against one of the most laxed defenses against TEs.

Jimmy Graham: Jimmy Graham is probably the most reliable receiving option after Allen Robinson. Against the Lions, he will have opportunities to have a big day.


Hunter Henry: Hunter Henry faces the Patriots Defense and a genius in Bill Belichick. The Patriots have defended against TEs well, look elsewhere for production.

TJ Hockenson: The Lions play the Bears defense and it’s only bad news Bears for TJ. He’ll have a tough time getting it going.

Evan Engram: With Colt McCoy starting, it is tough to determine what Engram production will be. Even though they are facing the Seahawks, I wouldn’t trust this option just yet.