Squid Game
Squid Game Netflix Review is live. Should you watch it? Does this show live up to the crazy hype? (Youngkyu Park/Netflix)

Squid Game Netflix Review

I believe this happened during the last Q&A (which was fantastic btw. You should watch) but Garrett suggested I watch Squid Game to review it. In fairness, Emma Brown told me to watch it too. Anyway, we’re back with another Netflix review after I completed watching Squid Game. Let’s not waste any time.

Listen, I’ve heard there is a lot of controversy about this show. I’m not going to get my panties in a bunch about it. We’re focusing on if you should watch it. My answer to that question is absolutely. This is my kind of jam. The voice over acting wasn’t annoying actually. I barely noticed it after two episodes in.

Long story short without giving away the spoilers: There are hundreds of people that are down bad. All of them are going through something different. Regardless, they’re all poor and in desperate need of an influx of cash that’s never going to happen.

Some rich people with nothing better to do decide to create a game with six rounds. Each one of them, numerous people will die. The winner comes out with life changing money on top of life changing money.

This show has it. Death, weirdness, twists and turns, and cliff hanger cheese. You start to really become invested in the characters too. I know some people have gotten really worked up over this show. I won’t go that far but overall I thoroughly enjoyed it.

PS: You’re lying if you wouldn’t enter the game if you were down real bad.

PS: You’re also lying if you wouldn’t watch the real life version of this if it was a thing that was somehow televised on TV for free.

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