2022 NFL Draft
Are we sure that Jalen Wydermyer is even good? Here is your Week 10 2022 NFL Draft stock report notes! (Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

2022 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 10

We’re actually on the home stretch somehow. Week 10 of the 2022 NFL Draft Stock Report series is here. On deck this week is a three game slate that includes Wake Forest vs. North Carolina, Michigan State vs. Purdue, and Auburn vs. Texas A&M. Let’s get to it.

Wake Forest vs. North Carolina

Down goes Wake Forest! I’m not sure why I ever decided to watch this game, to be honest. It was another look at Sam Howell against a ranked team. It was a sneaky look at Sam Hartman too.

I felt like I was watching a Big 12 game if the Big 12 game was on crack. Hartman put up really good game despite throwing two ugly picks. He threw the ball 51 times for 398 yards and five touchdowns. Oh, and add two more rushing.

Hartman is interesting. I’m not sure he’s an NFL quarterback but he falls into that interesting back up spot teams should be willing to look at. He doesn’t have Howell’s ceiling but he outplayed him. Hartman has been good for the most part all year. Even in Wake’s first loss, the guy went out there and put up 55. If Cooper Rush can start an NFL game, can’t Hartman make an NFL roster?

Howell has way more talent and again I feel worse about him than I already did. I’ve been down on Howell as it is but somehow in a game UNC scores 58, I have a sour taste in my mouth.

There’s so much Baker Mayfield here it’s scary. The arm talent is there but the guy is just such a mess. Howell rushed for over 100 yards in this one and I can guarantee that will never happen in an NFL game. His rushing ability will not be a threat at the NFL level, but he thinks it will which is already a problem. Howell took some massive shots in this game for zero reason.

In a game UNC scored 58, Howell went 16-26 for 216 and one touchdown. I watched the game. He still sails balls, the feet are rarely in rythem, and there are dumb decisions to be found at all times. He should have thrown more than one pick in this one. I also feel that Howell feels small. Had a pass batted down and obviously doesn’t have Kyler talent to make up for it.

UNC won the game because Ty Chandler went crazy. 213 rushing yards for a 9.7 yard per carry average will do that. Running backs are a dime a dozen. A guy like Chandler you have no problem pulling the trigger on late in a draft and feel he’s capable of working into a rotation.

Michigan State vs. Purdue

I fell right into the trap. Turns out Michigan State are frauds. Truthfully, I just wanted to see Kenneth Walker again after he torched Michigan last week. Got another great game despite having the game script not tilted in his favor. Another 146 yard and a score performance.

I like the guy. He checks a lot of boxes. I don’t quite know what the 40 time will be but I’d be shocked if it’s a bad time. There’s something about his secondary explosion that’s going to make him work.

Auburn vs. Texas A&M

I’m still waiting for this DeMarvin Leal game where he just takes over. He’s the hyped defender on the team but every game it’s somebody else out there making plays. There’s more digging to be done but food for thought!

Auburn was brutal so I’m not wasting my time there. Two notes on Texas A&M offensive skill players I’ve talked about in the past. Isaiah Spiller did what he’s been doing. 21 carries for 112 yards. Same old guy we know and love. Tall but explosive and plays short.

It’s the tight end that gets a stock way down. Jalen Wydermyer had 53 receiving yards but I’m not sure he’s good. I mean at all. He had a number of drops and just has this dumb face on where he looks like his body failed him. The pure movement skills continue to be overexaggerated. I don’t even know what to do with the guy.