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The Lincoln Lawyer Is As Good As Netflix Gets

The Lincoln Lawyer

The Lincoln Lawyer Is As Good As Netflix Gets

Stop surfing through hundreds of different TV shows and movies till midnight. Stop boring yourself with the 12 season long drama. Put everything else aside and just turn on The Lincoln Lawyer because I promise you won’t regret it.

The 10 episode legal drama packed with action, humor, and endless cliffhangers has BINGE written all over it. Seriously. I guarantee you will find it hard to not finish it within the first 2 days of watching it. That being in large part due to the suspense at the end of each episode and the seamless transitions from one episode to another.

The plot can sure get you drawn in but it can realistically only carry a show or movie so far. For that reason, memorable and entertaining characters are often what can take good TV content to elite status. The Lincoln Lawyer has an interesting enough plot with a lawyer that’s trying to make a comeback gets put directly in the spotlight after being assigned a massive celebrity murder case that’s already seemingly lost. Don’t get me wrong though. The unique characters are without a doubt what makes the show what it is.

One character, in particular, carries the essence of the show throughout with his clever ability in court and charming one liners. Mickey Halley, the self-proclaimed best defense attorney in L.A and main character of the show, is a breath of fresh legal air that will win your heart and the case with his hint of a Spanish accent. Working mainly from the backseat of his Lincoln, Haller’s character has that uncanny ability that makes you just want to root for him and keep watching quite literally for him.

What do ya know? “The Lincoln Lawyer” is actually the best part of The Lincoln Lawyer. Not to discredit the other characters of course. The criminals, ex-wives, other lawyers and the rest of Haller’s team all add their own diverse flavor culminating in a very complete show with many admirable and ha.

Bottom line is it’s a short show that you are probably going to devour in a couple days time. Maybe one day if it’s a weekend and you have zero plans. If you love legal shows like me you’re in for an absolute treat. If you don’t, you’ll probably still enjoy it as the display is relatively light-hearted and has spots of romantic tension as well. This is easily one of the best things Netflix has brought out this year and season 2 is already probably on the way. I’d suggest you hop on the bandwagon and go watch.


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