Scottie Pippen
Someone needs to tell Scottie Pippen to shut up. Pippen has now resorted to talking shit about the Michael Jordan Flu Game. (Rocky Widner/Getty Images/NBAE)

Someone Needs To Tell Scottie Pippen To Shut Up

You would think that Scottie Pippen would be happy. He’s rich and will go down in the history books as a six-time NBA champion while being the Robin to all of those teams. That is not the case. Since The Last Dance Documentary came out, for some reason Pippen has been on a warpath.

Pippen has already released a book called Unguarded where he slanders Michael Jordan. Now he’s doing media appearances to talk shit about the Flu Game:

“I’m gonna ask you this: Is it easier to play with a herniated disc or to play with the flu?” Pippen asked. 

“They always say the worst injury to have is a bad back,” Isola said. 

Pippen replied, “Well, I don’t see many ‘bad back games,’ but I do see ‘flu games’. Flu? Come on.” 

Sorry, not sorry, but this is so embarrassing. I’ve had my fair share of back issues. Nobody is taking anything away from Scottie for toughing it out with a bad back. There is absolutely no reason to go down this path of trying to tear down MJ.

Pippen sounds like a child who is throwing a temper tantrum because his mommy didn’t allow him to eat a fourth bowl of ice cream. Grow up, dude. He’s causing more harm than good. By harm, I mean he’s harming himself. The Last Dance Doc was fair the way it portrayed everyone. Nobody forced Scottie to say the idiotic things he did such as not regretting what he did during the 1994 playoffs by refusing to check into the game.

Someone needs to tell Scottie Pippen the truth. He sounds like a child and this sort of thing is only making people remember him in a negative light. Which is totally unfair because Scottie was a fantastic player. Just so happens that he’s also a child.

PS: What is Frank Isola getting out of this? He sounds like a bad step parent that’s refusing to correct his child. So sad.