Scottie Pippen
Scottie Pippen is apparently ‘livid’ about his portrayal on The Last Dance but really only has himself to blame. He keeps doing things to lose respect. (Kent Smith/Getty Images)

Scottie Pippen is not happy. God knows why? The Last Dance is over and Pippen is pissed about the way he looked and portrayed on the documentary. Not totally sure why but here we are. Pippen is pissed at Michael Jordan for the way he looks in the documentary.

Totally ridiculous. I saw this in almost every episode. I lost some respect for Scottie Pippen. I just lost more today. No, not because he’s a shitty analyst on ESPN. All this guy does it cry. What are you complaining about? I’d love to know.

Here are the facts:

MJ called Pippen his best teammate ever. Pippen is the one who acted like a jackass saying he wouldn’t change the fact that he sat out of the Knicks game with 1.8 seconds left. They spent an entire episode on the fact that he was underpaid. They could have easily used that portion on how underpaid MJ was. Jason Hehir said nothing was vetoed by MJ. Jordan stayed hands-off throughout the process. They showed how Pippen battled in Game 6 of their final championship run. The doc conveniently left out the part where Pippen was hit with a DUI and gun charges. That was nowhere to be found in the Doc. Probably should have been covered.

I can’t stand Scottie Pippen now. Great player and great voice. No doubt about it. All-time pus. Pippen needs to go take a 1.8 second timeout to recollect his thoughts because the man is acting like a fool. Just like he does every time he opens up his mouth on ESPN. We covered a lot of topics including Scottie Pippen on our last podcast.