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How I Spent My $100 SimBull Prize

A week ago, I found out that I had won $100 from SimBull in their Teammates Competition. They had just rolled out their Teammates feature on the app, which is a way for investors to see what others on the app are buying and selling. To promote the new feature, they held a competition where the 10 users with the most teammates on the app would be put in a random drawing for $100.

Apologies to my guy Alex Chick.

In the spirit of the giveaway, I decided to reinvest all of the $100 into the market. Here’s a look at the shares I decided to buy.

1. SimPanthers – $29.50

We at Vendetta have long been touting the SimPanthers as the best buy in the NFL. I’m not totally sold on the Panthers as a legitimate playoff threat or anything like that, but I absolutely see the value in this share. They are currently the fifth-cheapest share on the SimNFL market, but there’s no shot this team is in the bottom five of the NFL in 2021. The Panthers upgraded at QB by bringing in Sam Darnold, and Christian McCaffrey has a really favorable 2021 schedule for a running back. Trey gave Carolina an A draft grade for their 2021 class. Drafting Jaycee Horn should help their secondary a good deal. Overall, the Panthers should be better than most people expect, and this price looks to be a bargain.

2. SimMagic – $20.11

The Magic are the second-cheapest SimNBA share and just finished with the third-worst record in the NBA at 21-51. Orlando traded off Nikola Vucevic at the deadline, so this is definitely a case of buying low and holding out for the future. I had the Magic selecting Jalen Green in the first edition of my 2021 NBA Mock Draft, and he has all the makings of a future star. Even if they don’t get Green, a top five pick virtually guarantees the Magic a cornerstone for the future. I also liked what Cole Anthony brought to the team this past season, so there are some reasons to be optimistic about Orlando. The price I got the SimMagic at was only about $3 higher than their 52 Week Low share price, so I’m not super concerned that the price will go much lower than where it is right now.

3. SimCardinalsSTL – $30.50

The St. Louis Cardinals are leading the NL Central, have the third-best record in the National League, and have the eighth-best record in all of MLB. However, they are right around the middle of the pack for SimMLB share price. This one was a no-brainer for me. Over a quarter of the way through the 2021 MLB season, it’s starting to look like the Cardinals might be legit. I’m comfortable putting my money into the SimCardinalsSTL because I think the NL Central is pretty weak this year and they shouldn’t have a ton of trouble making the playoffs. St. Louis always manage to stay competitive, so this is also a good move for netting consistent win payouts.

4. SimGrizzlies – $24.04

I needed another team to round out my $100, and Jackson Law put the SimGrizzlies as the fourth-best buy on the entire SimBull market less than a week ago. I really like what the Grizzlies are building for the future with Ja Morant and Jaren Jackson Jr. Memphis qualified for the play-in tournament this year, and they were the only team in the bottom half of the league for share price that also had a winning record. This is already pretty solid value, and I think the upside is tremendous.

That brings my total to $104.15. I went a little bit over, but I had money accrued from win payouts to cover the difference. For $100, I think I did a pretty good job getting shares with good value. The SimMagic are the biggest reach, but I think the other three should definitely pay dividends in the future.


Disclaimer: I want to clearly communicate that this is all my opinion and my individual assessment of value. I am not a financial advisor. Be smart with how you invest your money.

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