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SimBull Breakdown: Arizona Cardinals

With the NFL draft in the rear-view mirror, now is a great time to look at SimBull and take a look at what teams you might want to invest in. We have covered the Arizona Cardinals, next up on the list is taking a look at the Atlanta Falcons.

Biggest Reasons to Buy on SimBull

The future is turning around for the Atlanta Falcons. What they have done this offseason shows they are ready to make a push back to the playoffs this year. They got a new head coach in Arthur Smith, who should revamp this offense. They added the best TE in the draft and pure unicorn Kyle Pitts. With the emergence of Calvin Ridley last year and getting the offensive line healthy, the offense should be clicking on all cylinders this year. The Falcons graded out fairly well for their draft this year, at least the first three rounds, so an infusion of young talent will help as well.

Biggest Reasons to Avoid Buying on SimBull

Like I mentioned in my Cardinals post above, SimBull has you making money on wins. Atlanta was a 4 win team last year in a division that seems to have gotten better this offseason. Carolina added Sam Darnold and drafted well. New Orleans may have lost Drew Brees but they are talented. And of course, the reigning Super Bowl Champs Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Falcons did not do much to address their run game this offseason which ranked 27th in the league last year. Relying on a 35-year-old Matt Ryan is not the best game plan. This will also be the first year for a new Head Coach and those can always be a little iffy with everyone getting used to a new playbook and whatnot.

My Opinion

I believe the Atlanta Falcons are heading the right direction. I believe in Arthur Smith and all the weapons in this offense. They should have no problem hitting the over every game. The defense should come along as well. My only fear is the division, and Matt Ryan. But I would buy on these Falcons. The share is a little steep for them at $33 a share, but I have a feeling this team can double their wins from last year and their stock should start to rise a little come closer to the start of the NFL season.

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