SimBull CFB 2021 Full Team Breakdown: University of Kentucky

Welcome to Vendetta’s SimBull CFB full team breakdowns, where the writers from Vendetta Sports Media will be analyzing all the Power 5 college football programs for their share value on SimBull, and next up are the Kentucky Wildcats. Check out the last breakdown here.

2020 Win Total: 5-6 (4-6 SEC)

2021 Projected Win Total (via MGM): 7

On The Field

Sometimes being average is okay, and that is exactly how to describe the Kentucky Wildcat’s 2020 season, Average. The almost all SEC schedule that they played took its toll on their record, but they beat a few teams in games where they were counted out. They barely lost to Ole Miss, and then beat Tennessee and Mississippi State. They held those two offenses to single digits points COMBINED. They got beat up by the rest of the power programs in the SEC to finish 5-6, but a good 5-6.

The Wildcats started the 2021 season by beating up and FCS team, but followed that up with three more wins including two over SEC opponents to finish the first month of the season 4-0. October is when things get really difficult for the Wildcats. They host Florida and LSU in back-to-back weeks before heading to Athens to play Georgia.

In The Market

The SimKentucky Wildcats are currently the 26th most expensive team in the SimBull CFB market with a share price of $42.14. That makes them the 8th most expensive team in the SEC. Despite beating Missouri in week 2, their price is still slightly less expensive for some reason.

Their 4-0 start has to make investors happy, already giving them a 4% return on the share price with dividends just in this month. They won’t be able to replicate that in October, but they do have a chance to get a few more wins and hit their total at the end of their schedule.

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