SimBull CFB 2021 Full Team Breakdown: University of Oklahoma

Welcome to Vendetta’s SimBull CFB full team breakdowns, where the writers from Vendetta Sports Media will be analyzing all the Power 5 college football programs for their share value on SimBull, and next up are the Oklahoma Sooners. Check out the last breakdown here.

2020 Win Total: 9-2 (7-2 Big 12)

2021 Projected Win Total (via MGM) 11

On The Field

The Oklahoma Sooners have been one of the best teams in the country for the last five seasons. They are a staple of college football, so between legacy and in-state recruiting they have been able to stay in contention for the College Football Playoffs since its inception. 2020 was an atypical year for the Sooners however as they lost two of their first three games. They beat rival Texas in the Cotton Bowl, and never looked back.

They were never able to fully recover from those early losses and were not one of the best four teams in the country according to the committee. Dating back to 2020 the Sooners have won 12 games in a row as they head into the rest of the Big 12 schedule.

In The Market

The SimOklahoma Sooners are the second most expensive team in the SimBull CFB market behind only Ohio State. Their share price is currently $62.04 which makes them the highest-priced Big 12 team. They have been jockeying back and forth with the Buckeyes for the top spot, but who is in a better long-term spot?

If the Sooners leave the Big 12 for the SEC, their schedule immediately gets a lot tougher. Instead of Kansas and TCU, they will be playing LSU and Alabama in the regular season. A tougher schedule = fewer wins, simple as that. And in SimBull, fewer wins means fewer dividends so I would rather buy a team that can win more games.

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