Jarrett Stidham
Shocking News: Jarrett Stidham has turned into a complete lemon. The camp reports indicate Stidham has really struggled. (Steven Senne-Pool/Getty Images)

Have you ever been to a car dealership and just knew that they were playing you? The dealer is trying to sell you a lemon, and you know it’s coming? That’s how I feel about Jarrett Stidham. The offseason hype over Stidham was a joke from start to finish. Finally, that hype train is over. The man can’t play a lick.

Mike Reiss of ESPN has reported that Stidham is now the third quarterback on the depth chart behind Cam Newton and Brian Hoyer. Of course, it wasn’t too long ago that the Patriots announced Stidham was the likely Week 1 starter.

VIA: Reiss:

Stidham’s slide: Newton’s ascendancy coincided with Jarrett Stidham slipping down the depth chart, to the point that if Newton suffered an injury, it might be veteran Brian Hoyer getting the call. Stidham can make all the throws, and might have the best natural arm of the group, but he never generated momentum in camp. His visit to a Boston hospital after the fourth practice of camp, where tests on his leg were negative, changed the trajectory of the quarterback snapshot. For 3-4 months this offseason, Stidham was viewed as the possible heir apparent to Tom Brady, but one could make a case there are actually more questions now about him possibly elevating to that spot than before camp began.”

Well, well, well, isn’t that just hilarious! Anybody that watches college football knows Stidham can’t play. Stidham has arm strength, just not anything else related to being good at quarterback. You know, the stuff that matters. The timing, touch, and anticipation part of the game, Stidham, is an F at all of the above. The camp reports on Stidham have all been negative.

We’re talking about a guy that, as a 22-year-old, barely completed 60% of his throws and averaged 7.6 yards per attempt. He also never threw more than 18 touchdowns in a season. That’s not good enough. I can’t believe the guy got drafted. Now the world is finding out what everybody should have already known. Good luck, New England, enjoy the lemon. Jarrett Stidham can’t play.