Shaun Bradley
6th round pick; first round trash talker? Shaun Bradley could rattle some players on Sunday’s with his hidden talent. The Eagles may have found a gem. (G Fiume/Getty Images)

The Philadelphia Eagles may have found themselves in the 2020 NFL Draft. Oddly enough, probably the player Chad and I like the most, Shaun Bradley. The former Temple linebacker had a solid NFLPA Game and put himself on my radar. Bradley gets to stay close to home but he’s bringing his signature trait with him. Who knew Bradley was a deadly trash talker?


This past season, you know, I used to look up – I used to take the quarterback, or the running back, and I used to go on his page and I would find his girlfriend, or something, and I would just be in the game talking about his girlfriend. I would say her name, I would make it like it was a call. I would get up from making a tackle, maybe push him on his head by accident, bump him by accident. Little stuff, but it varied from game to game.

The Eagles picked up Bradley in the 6th round but he could wind up being a steal. The good news is with corona, Bradley has plenty of time to do his homework. The list of opponents are already out. Do your homework, Shaun. If I don’t see Bradley get under at least one player’s skin, I’m going to be very disappointed.

From a football standpoint, the Bradley pick is huge. Philadelphia needs linebackers. That entire group is a shit show. The Temple product has a chance to come right in and start given the lack of depth at the position. It doesn’t feel like there’s any linebacker guaranteed to start so Bradley has a shot.