Jordan Mason
Jordan Mason: Lone bright spot on TERRIBLE Georgia Tech team. Mason is flying under the radar. Could he be a factor in the 2021 NFL Draft? (Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)

I’ve been starting to go over some potential running back options for the 2021 NFL Draft. I don’t think it will be nearly as good as the 2020 NFL Draft. Travis Etienne is a good player but I think has been a bit overhyped. I’m not sure Chub Hubbard is good at all. Najee Harris has talent but I’m sure not he’s a superstar level talent. I like Kylin Hill of Mississippi State too. Those are the most popular names at the moment. I’m sure more names will emerge over the course of the 2020-2021 college football season. One under the radar name to keep in mind is Georgia Tech running back Jordan Mason.

WHO??? Yes, I’m aware that Georgia Tech has been a complete joke as of late. They lost to the Citadel this past year. Things are real bad. However, that’s what makes this so interesting. They have a running back who has actually put up decent numbers in a horrendous situation.

Scout skill sets and traits, not results. 5.2 yards per carry isn’t anything special but it’s a hell of a lot more impressive playing with this shit show of a team. When you watch the highlights, you might not see elite speed. Still, there are some things to like. He has a nice juke and cutback move. On the rare occasion that there is a hole, he finds it. Best of all, he can make people miss in the open field.

Jordan Mason

Mason led the country in forced missed tackles per attempt (0.44). Maybe some of that is because the offensive line was so bad he had to. It feels like it means something. Mason ranked 8th in the country in yards after contact (4.4). It was clear watching him that he falls forward more often than not. Mason also has good size for the position (6-foot-1, 219). That will do.

Again, we’re talking about a horrendous team. Georgia Tech had one player drafted this year and that was a 6th round tight end who shouldn’t have been picked. Georgia Tech might be terrible but Jordan Mason might give you a reason to watch. In a running back class that feels up in the air right now, Mason might be a player to keep on your watch list.