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Sean Payton to be the new Broncos Head Coach

Sean Payton to be the new Broncos Head Coach

Ian Rapoport has finally dropped the bombshell information we have been waiting for all season. Sean Payton has seemingly made a decision as it appears that he will be the new HC for the Denver Broncos. Ian first reported that talks were starting to heat up before finally dropping the actual news.

Now since technically the Saints had rights to Payton through the 2023 season, the Broncos are required to send a compensatory pick. Which is why we see the first-round pick included. The Broncos are basically giving the Saints a first-rounder for their old head coach.

Now seeing as Denver just shipped away most of its draft capital to bring in Russell Wilson, many people may wonder why they want to send away yet another one for a coach.

It’s a very fair and valid question. We saw the Rams adopt this strategy, and while it got them their ring, it’s looking like they now have a very long rebuild in front of them. The Broncos Super Bowl window is right now. They have an elite defense and basically sent their entire future to get their “franchise guy.”

But the shockingly poor play of Wilson greatly held this team back and prevented them from even making a playoff run. If anyone is gonna be able to get Wilson/ this team back on track it’s Sean Payton. We’ve all seen the work he did with Brees throughout his career, and the job he did to make Jameis Winston look like a decent QB.

Can this move save Russell Wilson?

The Broncos know that they have the pieces to be a serious contender in the AFC. It was clear that Hackett wasn’t getting the job done and maybe had something to do with the poor play of Russell Wilson. But now the Broncos look to fill that void and seemingly did by bringing in one of the best/most sought-after options on the market.

Sean Payton has only been away from the game for a little over a year and so I don’t imagine it will take him long to get back into the swing of things. He’s a natural leader that has shown his ability to win big games and make big decisions.

I think he is exactly what this Broncos team needs. A coach who is going to prioritize trying to move the ball downfield. And not be solely focused on the defensive side of the ball. I just refuse to believe that Wilson has gotten this bad this quickly. It has to be in some part due to the scheme/coaching staff.

But Wilson will get his second chance of sorts with Sean Payton. But if Wilson comes out and has another stinker of a season, the Broncos have some serious questions to ask. They won’t have a first-round pick for a while and are praying Wilson goes back to Seattle form.


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