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Sean McVay
(Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press)

Sean McVay Needs To Stop Blaming Himself

Sean McVay
Sean McVay needs to stop blaming himself (Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press)

Sean McVay has carried Jared Goff as far as he can go. With teams finally getting a grasp on McVay’s system, Jared Goff doesn’t look the same. Goff has a 6-6 TD-INT ratio to start the season with a bunch of ugly decisions mixed in. Sean McVay is taking the high route but he shouldn’t. McVay is blaming himself for any struggles the team is having.

“I’m not going to sit up here and continue to make excuses for why I haven’t done a good enough job. I’m just not doing it right now. We’re not getting it done and we’re just going to continue to put our head down and try to find solutions,” McVay said.

“Frustrating for sure, and I try to have good perspective on it’s only Week Four and we did do some things,” he said. “But it is frustrating and it is something that we do need to get fixed, quickly.”

I get that McVay has to say this but I hope he doesn’t feel this way. I wasn’t a Jared Goff believer coming out of college. His best case scenario was Matt Ryan. McVay has squeezed every bit of that out of him. Still, Goff is who he is at his core. Terrible in cold weather, noodle arm, awful under pressure, and lacking of any real toughness. That fact that McVay has taken Goff this far is a miracle in itself.

Here’s the issue the Rams are facing. Todd Gurley’s knees are shot. That’s just the reality. This McVay offense is based on heavy play action sets. If you don’t have to play the run, the play action is of no use. McVay hasn’t been able to fool people like in the past because Gurley isn’t the same. That puts more pressure on Goff to be the guy. He’s never been capable of carrying an offense. Never will be.

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