Sean McVay
Sean McVay might retire from coaching sooner than expected? McVay already worries about getting burned out too soon. (Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images)

Sean McVay is a bright head coach. He’s also the youngest head coach in the history of the NFL. You would think that McVay will be around the league for a very long time. What if I told you that may not be true? According to reports, it seems like McVay may leave the game sooner than expected. He worries about getting burned out already.

“Yeah, absolutely it is,” McVay said, via USA Today. “That’s something that I do need to be aware of because if you’re not careful — I just know the way that I’m going at it, you’re like, realistically, this isn’t the right way to do it, but you’re such a grinder and it’s kind of being able to step back, being still is going to be a key thing. And I am confident that we’ll be able to achieve a better balance and will lead to more sustainability moving forward.”

“[W]hat I’ve really seen from a lot of my close friends, once you get into that point where, hey, I’m gonna get married next year, obviously want to be able to have kids,” McVay said. “That perspective of, all right, now you’ve got a real reason to live when you’ve got a family, you’ve got something else. I think that balance and that appreciation for those things where it’s not just all football will help toward a goal of just being able to sustain and be healthier overall.”

Sean McVay is under contract with the Rams through the 2023 season. That’s one less season than Jared Goff is signed for. Obviously, the Rams are not going to fire McVay. However, McVay is tied to Goff. Let’s just be honest here. If McVay is burned out, it’s because Goff stinks. McVay is bringing up the fact that he could get burned out because he knows he can’t take much more of Goff. Prove me wrong.

Here’s the move. Retire from coaching, become a broadcaster for a major TV Network, and then land another head coaching job where your quarterback isn’t’ Jared Goff. Now that right there is THE move.