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Bobby Wagner
(Stephen Brashear | AP)

Seahawks To Release Bobby Wagner, Committing To The Rebuild

Bobby Wagner
(Stephen Brashear | AP)

Seahawks Release Bobby Wagner, Committing To The Rebuild

The Seattle Seahawks are fully committing to the rebuild as they informed eight-time All-Pro and Pro-Bowl linebacker Bobby Wagner that he will be released, per Adam Schefter.

The Seattle Seahawks are really committing to this rebuild. It was a franchise defining day, in a terrible way (Someone check on Mina Kimes please). First, Russell Wilson gets dealt to the Denver Broncos for an absolute haul of draft picks and players. Then they tell Bobby Wagner that he will be released, and I believe that they did him a favour. They are letting a franchise legend go and pick his own destination, similarly to how the Texans released JJ Watt last year. I do not have the slightest idea about whether Wagner asked for a release or not, so these situations are not the same. However, I do like how the Seahawks are letting Bobby Wagner go and choose his next destination.

Now, the Seattle Seahawks will be starting a grand rebuild with a 70-year-old head coach who will be turning 71 in September. This brings up another question and possibility, does Pete Carroll retire? Does 70-year-old Pete Carroll think about walking away, how much longer can he realistically coach?

The Seattle Seahawks of old are gone. The dominating and suffocating Legion of Boom defense has been gone for a long time now. The offensive line has been a complete liability for a number of years now. Russell Wilson was the only thing keeping this team competitive, but this year it became too much and the iron man got hurt and did not look quite the same upon returning.

Bobby Wagner now has the opportunity to go out and find a new team in a spot to compete. I am confident that at least half the league will be interested.



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