Sammy Watkins
Sammy Watkins says Lamar Jackson can be an elite quarterback if wide receivers get open. Where do I even start with this hilarious statement? (Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports)

Sammy Watkins Says Lamar Jackson Can Be Elite If Wide Receivers Get Open

Newly acquired Baltimore Ravens wideout Sammy Watkins is in for a RUDE awakening. It would appear Watkins is drinking the Lamar Jackson Kool-Aid after signing a one-year deal worth $5 million with the Ravens. Watkins isn’t worried about joining the NFL’s 32nd-ranked passing offense. He thinks Lamar is elite and it’s up to the receivers to get open.

“It takes guys getting open to be great and look great and be the Patrick Mahomes of the world and be Tom Brady,” Watkins said. “You got to have that No. 1 receiver or that No. 2 or that No. 3 nowadays to go out there and be successful and literally throw the ball with your eyes closed and be unconscious. If I can go out there and be healthy and the other wideouts can make plays … we can be a balanced offense. [If] we get open when we need to get open, I think Lamar can throw for those 4,000 yards or those 4,500 yards [or] 5,000 [yards] — whatever these guys are putting up. I think he can be that quarterback and be elite in this game.”

“To be honest, everybody wasn’t getting open. I think that’s a critical part with this offense,” Watkins said. “We can blame the offensive coordinators, but as players we got to do our job.”

Confirmed. Sammy Watkins. Big dummy. Not a clue what he’s in for. If Lamar ever throws for 5,000 yards in a season I’ll head-butt a wall as hard as I can. What a f*cking joke.

JuJu Smith-Schuster turned down more money from the Ravens to stay put in Pittsburgh. Ditto for TY Hilton who actually turned down a multi-year deal from Baltimore as he clearly wanted no part of this cheese so the Ravens ended up settling for Watkins.

This is such a bullshit narrative as Lamar doesn’t need more help, he just needs to learn how to throw, which will never happen. The Ravens wide receivers created quite a bit of separation in 2020 according to NFL Next Gen Stats. Baltimore’s wide receivers averaged 3.33 yards of separation at the pass arrival making that mark good enough for 4th in the NFL.

Watkins should worry about staying on the field instead of flapping his gums. The former first-round pick out of Clemson has played only one 16-game season and that came in 2014 during his rookie season. How about you stay on the field instead of trying to talk nonsense. Let’s start there Sammy.

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