Sacramento Kings
(Paul Kitagaki Jr./The Sacramento Bee)

The Sacramento Kings are All Over the Place

What exactly are the Sacramento Kings doing? Do they even have a plan? It doesn’t really seem like it, because these guys have had just one first-round pick since 2011 sign a second contract with the team: De’Aaron Fox. Here’s the list of first-rounders that haven’t made it to a second contract in Sacramento:

Looking at this list, maybe the bigger problem is that the Sacramento Kings front office can’t draft to save their lives. Fox is the best player here, but after that it might not be a bad thing that none of these guys signed a second deal. It’s kind of crazy how bad Sacramento is when it comes to the NBA Draft. You would think that they would hit on one of their selections just by pure happenstance. Tyrese Haliburton was a good pick, but that’s been pretty much the only non-De’Aaron Fox success story in the last decade. Marvin Bagley III had some solid potential coming into the league, but he’s completely stalled out due to injuries and reportedly wants to get dealt elsewhere.

The Kings will select ninth overall in the 2021 NBA Draft. My most recent mock draft has them selecting Franz Wagner for his versatility and shooting. He’s a guy who does enough things well to not be a total bust. At this point, the Kings just need a definite contributor because they always lose trying to play the high-upside draft game.


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