Greg Schiano
Rutgers won’t hire Greg Schiano because they can’t meet his demands (Tommy Gilligan/USA TODAY Sports)

We thought for a second that Rutgers football was going to return to their glory days with Greg Schiano running the show. That pipe dream fizzled in a hurry. After the two sides met to discuss a reunion, in the end, a deal never materialized. We now know why. It would appear that Greg Schiano asked for the moon and stars in his contract and Rutgers wasn’t willing to meet his demands. recovered the list of demands:

  • An annual salary of $4 million for each of the next eight seasons through February 2028, with $400,000 retention bonuses every two years after the second year of his contract.
  • A $25.2 million guarantee if the university were to terminate his contract without cause before 2021. That guarantee would go down in later years in increments, to $4.2 million by 2026.
  • Unlimited use of a private jet for all recruiting activities and for all non-recruiting program and university-related travel.
  • Bonuses if season ticket benchmarks were reached.

I know that Rutgers football is a mess but nobody is this desperate, right? What has Greg Schiano done to earn an unlimited use of a private jet? How does Schiano even have any leverage? Rutgers has to be the only school that actually wants him because of the previous connection. Tennessee didn’t want him. Ohio State didn’t want him. The Patriots didn’t want him. Rutgers is the only option pal. Maybe I’m wrong here but nobody is really knocking on his door here.

This has to be a sad day for the fans in Piscataway New Jersey. Rutgers football is the epitome of a dumpster fire. They haven’t won a Conference game all year and have just two wins all year. One against Liberty and one against UMass. That’s it. Who knows if Schiano could have actually turned around the program. Unlimited use of a private jet for a coach that never won anything seems crazy.

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