Russell Wilson
(AP Photo/Stephen Brashear)

Sleepless In Seattle Staring Russell Wilson

The Russell Wilson trade rumors have been making the rounds on Twitter. While Wilson hasn’t outright demanded a trade, he has still given the Seattle Seahawks a list of teams he would approve a trade to. Which begs to ask the question, is everything cool between Wilson and the Seahawks. From the outside looking in, that answer is no.

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

Let’s make something clear, this is not an overreaction to what’s happening around Wilson. I am a big believer that where there is smoke, there is fire. Even if it is just a small fire, it can mean the start of something bigger. What is really happening in Seattle?

The reports have Wilson acting out of character. One could easily brush off a single report, but there seems to be more and more writers close to the Seahawks franchise that continue to give insight on what’s happening. It starts off with some simple words on the Dan Patrick show, and escalates with a report that Wilson stormed out of a meeting because the Seahawks refuse to listen to his input.

Part of me wonders how much of this is Pete Carrol’s fault? To be fair, Wilson has made some dumb decisions with the ball which led to some questionable turnovers, but the scheme Carrol runs has not changed since he came to the league. It was the same system before Wilson, and that system did not succeed until Wilson came to Seattle. If Carrol holds the bulk of the burden for the blame, why is he not on the hot seat in order to make this team work? There are big time names up and down the offense and defense, yet each year ends in disappointment.

I see a lot of takes around the Wilson, and even Deshaun Watson trade rumors, asking why would someone trade a quarterback of that caliber? The simple answer is because that player wants out. You don’t want your franchise to be “that” franchise. That’s who the Detroit Lions are. We’ve seen it in recent years with the NBA and how fluid player movement has become. While it’s kinda gotten out of control in the NBA, what’s happening with Wilson and Watson show that you need to take care of your stars because the era of the NFL being centered around coaches and general managers is coming to an end.

What Do The Tea Leaves Say of Russell Wilson?

Again, Wilson has not demanded a trade. But you don’t hand your organization a list of other teams you’d like to play for if everything is cool. I believe the marriage between Russell Wilson and the Seahawks may come to an end soon. There’s a long wooden bridge between the two and one side has started smoking. It doesn’t matter if it’s a California-level wildfire or small candle, that has to be snuffed out quick.

As of right now, it looks like Seattle hasn’t done anything to put the smoke out. You HAVE to smother the fire when it’s small, or there will be no controlling it. Germain Ifedi was the last time the Seahawks grabbed an offensive lineman in the first round, and he is no longer with the team. The highest they’ve taken an offensive lineman since was last year with selecting Damien Lewis in the third round. You can’t be surpised that Wilson is getting sacked over 40 times a year and you don’t invest in your offensive line. PFF is a joke so don’t even try to justify their broken ranking system, because the eye test says otherwise.

I fear the two parties are approaching the point of no return, if they haven’t already. It may not happen this year, but this is the beginning of the end for Wilson in Seattle. He still has a long career ahead of him and will have plenty of opportunity to win, but it will not be with Seattle. Who will it be with? I don’t have the answer to that. Wilson’s time in Seattle is limited.