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It’s pretty unclear right now, but Russell Wilson could potentially be on his way out of Seattle. If the relationship between Wilson and Seahawks management sours even further, here are the six trade destinations that make the most sense. Keep in mind that these are moves that make the most sense for both Russell Wilson and the potential destination, not necessarily the Seahawks.

Honorable Mention: San Francisco 49ers

I threw the 49ers on this list as an Honorable Mention because they are a quarterback away from being a real problem in the NFC. Of course, the chances that Seattle trades Wilson to a NFC West division rival are essentially zero. But, San Francisco has a better offensive line than Seattle, and they also have dependable weapons on offense.

6. Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons are really on here because they are projected to take a QB in the draft and Wilson is a million times better than whoever they would take. The problem with this making sense is that it’s basically a lateral move from Seattle, maybe even a step back. Russell Wilson would still have fantastic receivers to throw to, but that didn’t prevent the Falcons from going 4-12 last season. Also, it would be a major step back in terms of Defense and O-Line.

  • Pros: Awesome receivers, Need a QB anyway
  • Cons: Team trending downwards, Significantly worse Defense and O-Line, Share division with Buccaneers

5. Carolina Panthers

The Panthers are pretty similar to the Falcons in my eyes, although they probably have a bit better of a situation. Carolina will also be looking for a new QB, and they have a better Defense and O-Line than Atlanta. Overall, I’m more confident in the direction of the Panthers franchise and like their current offensive system more than I do Atlanta’s. They would be a better fit for Russell Wilson, although still not the best one.

  • Pros: Team trending upwards, Need a QB anyway, Really solid receiving corps
  • Cons: No discernible improvement to Defense or O-Line, Share division with Buccaneers

4. New England Patriots

New England just managed to go 7-9 with a shell of Cam Newton, so I’m pretty sure they would have been a playoff team with Russell Wilson. Their Defense and O-Line are phenomenal, and much better than Seattle’s. I don’t think much needs to be said for Bill Belichick at this point. However, should Russ end up in New England, he’d be throwing to guys they just picked up off the street. There are no weapons here to speak of.

  • Pros: Bill Belichick, Great Defense, Great O-Line
  • Cons: ZERO WEAPONS, Share division with Bills

3. Cleveland Browns

Cleveland is a destination for Russell Wilson that I haven’t heard ANYONE talking about, and I don’t think I’m crazy for thinking it would be a good fit. The Browns just finished 11-5, they have good weapons, Stefanski won Coach of the Year, and their O-Line is fantastic. However, I’m not sure how committed Cleveland is to Baker Mayfield at this point, which could seriously hinder the ability to get a deal done. Also, for all the names in the passing attack, a lot of the offensive system focuses on getting the ball in Nick Chubb’s hands. There are at least two better fits for Russell Wilson.

  • Pros: Team trending upwards, Kevin Stefanski, Weapons galore, Great O-Line
  • Cons: Attachment to Baker Mayfield, More focused on the run game, Defense is average

2. Washington Football Team

Washington recently missed out on the Stafford sweepstakes. Although the WFT just inked Taylor Heinicke to an extension after his incredible playoff performance, he isn’t the one to lead them to the Promised Land. Wilson would enter a great situation in Washington. The team has shown noticeable improvements over the last couple seasons. They would need another wide receiver to give Wilson someone other than Terry McLaurin to throw to, but this is a great option.

  • Pros: Division is terrible, Team trending upwards, Great Defense, Great O-Line, Ron Rivera, WFT is realistically a QB away
  • Cons: Need another solid WR, Cowboys will most likely reload with Dak Prescott back

1. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are in need of a QB after the retirement of Philip Rivers. Even with the ghost of Rivers under center, the Colts went 11-5. Their run game looked promising, and their Defense and O-Line are among the best in the NFL. After seeing how much Russell Wilson had to scramble this year, it would be great to see what he can do with a good line in front of him. Plus, the passing attack will most likely open up with Wilson and Indianapolis’ weapons might be better than we think.

  • Pros: Went 11-5 with Philip Rivers, Great Defense, Great O-Line
  • Cons: Weapons aren’t all that, Share division with Titans


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