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Running Backs Need To Stop Crying About How Much Money They Make

Running Backs
Running backs really need to stop crying about how much money they make. The pity party is becoming embarrassing.

Running Backs Need To Stop Crying About How Much Money They Make

If you spend your time worrying about how much money everyone else is making, you’re going to live a miserable life. Someone needs to tell that to all the running backs that are currently throwing a pity party for themselves. It’s time someone acknowledges the truth about what’s going on. These running backs really need to stop crying on the internet because it’s becoming embarrassing.

I’ll try to list as many examples as I can, but I’m sure I’m missing some. It’s becoming tiring and someone needs to put an end to this cry fest. Miles Sanders is complaining about being a running back while being paid handsomely. Austin Ekeler complains every half hour about being underpaid on a contract that nobody forced him to sign.

Yesterday, Tony Pollard, Saquon Barkley, and Josh Jacobs all failed to sign contract extensions after being hit with the franchise tag this offseason. Barkley is even threatening to sit out! Because that worked out so well for Le’Veon Bell! The same guy who admitted today that he acted like a fool when he left for the Jets. It’s the biggest regret of his life.

Maybe the running backs in this era should remember what happened to Bell and learn from it. Not everything is about the money. At the end of the day, this sport is about winning and glory. The truth of the matter is that highly paid running backs don’t win the ultimate goal. Let’s just share this graphic. Keep in mind the name missing from this list is the most recent winner, 7th round rookie Isiah Pacheco making peanuts.

Running Backs
SB Winner list

We’re working with more than a dozen years of data at this point. The running back is a dying position. They can cry all they want about it but it’s the truth. It’s why taking Bijan Robinson and Jahmyr Gibbs in the first round this year was so stupid. All those teams did is sign up for the spot that the Giants and Raiders are in right now. No man’s land and not willing to overpay for a declining asset.

Of course, there are going to be uneducated players that continue to not get it. Jonathan Taylor and Derrick Henry both said incredibly dumb things following the news today.

Just really dumb, Jonathan. Nick Chubb signed an extension. Did you ever see him or the team complain about it? Matt Miller is also a dope and commenting on a guy that brags about his wife dumping him is not going to do any good. I have news for you, Jonathan Taylor. What the Giants were offering Barkley is still more than he’s worth. You can talk about nonsense if you want to but if Barkley had reasonable expectations, he would have signed a deal like Chubb did. The truth is Chubb is better than him too.

Take the position out of the game? After the 2023 NFL Season, Henry will have made over $56 million in career earnings. Take the position out of the game? This is while playing in a no-state tax location. WTF are you crying for? If you have any common sense that’s enough to survive the rest of your life. If you’re smart you can triple that by the time you’re done playing. What an absolute loser. Take the position out of the game? That position gave you a life. Sure, we can take the position away. That means you’re probably out of the NFL or are a backup linebacker. That’s really what you want? Total clown take.

Nobody is picking on these RBs. I can promise you that. It’s a very basic principle of supply and demand. It’s better to have a committee than have one workhorse back anyway. No running back can do it on his own anymore anyway. From a team building perspective, you would have to be a fool to spend heavy resources at the running back position based on what history has told us about past Super Bowl winners alone. Even putting that aside, the RBs are fighting the wrong fight. Instead of blaming the league, maybe blame past guys that proved to be overpaid. Go blame, Zeke, for ruining your scam and failing to perform!

Goalies, running backs, and bullpen pitchers in baseball. You’re a product of your environment. If you have quality quarterback and offensive line play, you’re going to go far in this league. You can pay a running back all the money in the world but if the line is poo you’re going to struggle. It’s the way the sport is designed. Nobody held a knife to their throat and made them play this position. If you have a problem with it, go be a wide receiver. That’s all there really is to it.

The pity party has to stop. If you want to change the narrative maybe be willing to take less and go ring chase. That right there will build a market Except none of you are willing to do it because you’re cowards and only interested in $ not glory. Pathetic.

This one is my absolute favorite. I don’t even have a problem with Najee Harris but this dude needs to shut his mouth. Harris is a former first round pick who is currently averaging 3.9 yards per carry through his first two years in the league. Jaylen Warren just averaged 4.9 yards per carry as an undrafted rookie. If you can’t outperform Jaylen Warren, shut your mouth.

End of blog.

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