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Denver area radio reporter Ben Allbright shocked the football world when he said quarterback Peyton Manning was almost traded to the Houston Texans this offseason. Was Manning really almost traded? According to Allbright the Broncos did make an attempt to move from the Manning era in Denver.


Manning’s agent, Tom Condon, told The Denver Post’s Mike Klis on Tuesday that he “never spoken to Denver or Houston” about a trade, which Benjamin Allbright reported the Broncos attempted this offseason. Oddly enough Manning did restructure his contract in March which weirdly added a new trade clause that was previously non existent in his prior contract; something usually unnecessary for a 39 year old. Trusted Houston chronicle reporter John McClain did report he believed the rumor to be false but we cannot know for sure.


Regardless of whether the rumor is true or not the trade does make some sense on the surface. Denver brought in Gary Kubiak to be the new head coach this season as his offense involves a lot of bootlegs and zone reeds requiring a lot of movement from his quarterbacks. A younger Brock Osweiler may have athletic enough to handle the task, now Kubiak will likely change much of his playbook to fit the skill-set of Manning. 2015 will likely be Manning’s final NFL season as he contemplated retirement after losing to Indianapolis in the AFC Divisional round.