Romeo Langford
The Celtics didn’t make a move at the 2020 NBA Trade Deadline. Thank god they didn’t because Romeo Langford forgot players could get traded. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

Trader Danny didn’t make a move at the 2020 NBA Trade Deadline. Thank god he didn’t trade Romeo Langford. He may have had a stroke. Langford was selected in the first round of the 2019 NBA Draft and thus far has played sparingly for Boston. Luckily he didn’t get traded because he forgot NBA players could get traded.

VIA Mass Live:

Boston Celtics rookie Romeo Langford said he wasn’t worried about the NBA trade deadline as the seconds ticked away toward 3 p.m.

Langford’s confidence didn’t stem from a conversation with the organization (nobody talked to him one way or the other) or a lack of rumors (his name was thrown around in some of them).

The possibility of being traded simply didn’t occur to him.

“I forgot I was in the NBA,” Langford said. “Not in the NBA, but like, I forgot people get traded. Thinking like college. If you’re there, you just stay there. … To be honest, I forgot I could be traded. That’s why. I wasn’t even thinking about it.”


Now that’s out there, man. Somebody needs to sit Romeo down and have a talk with him. Either tell the poor kid he won’t ever get traded or let him know how the business works. I don’t know who his agent is but maybe he wants to sit down with him. Screw it, maybe start contract negotiations now. Maybe he will sign a 10-year minimum extension. Who knows? Don’t have to worry about Langford leaving in free agency.

Langford, 20, has shown flashes as a rookie. He’s scoring just 2.5 points per game but is scoring at a 50 percent rate. Gordon Hayward thinks he will have a bright NBA future. That’s good enough for me.