Brad Stevens
Did Brad Stevens throw a shot at Kyrie Irving? It’s hard to think otherwise by this recent quote he had before the game tonight. (Tim Bradbury/Getty Images)

I love this year’s Celtics team. I really feel like Boston has a chance to win the title this year. Something I tried to convince myself of last year despite the fact that deep down I knew they were too much of a mess to get it done. Kemba Walker has been the perfect elixir for the Celtics and have made them click. Brad Stevens seems to agree.

The question here is did Stevens throw a shot at Kyrie Irving? Before the game against the Hawks, Stevens said this about Kemba:

“I would say that’s just a good example of a guy that gets it,” Stevens said Friday. “That’s what it’s about,” Stevens continued. “At the end of the day, if you can be around a group that you enjoy competing for, and competing with, I think that’s a good experience. That’s what usually leads to giving yourself a chance to maximize yourself.”

Call me crazy, this is a direct shot at Kyrie Irving. Otherwise, known as “guy who doesn’t get it”. Reports have come out that Kyrie was essentially trying to be the coach of the Celtics last year. Brad Stevens wasn’t having it and Kyrie basically got pissed and wanted out.

Can you blame Stevens? Kyrie thought he was the head coach. Stevens wasn’t going to roll over and let Kyrie pet his belly. Why should he? This is a guy who got Butler to back to back Final 4’s. This is a guy who convinced the NBA community that Isaiah Thomas was actually good. This is a guy who got Enes Kanter to play defense. I don’t think Stevens needs help coaching.

I did my best to try to defend Kyrie last year. The more details that come out, the more impossible it is. Good for Brad Stevens for standing his ground. I didn’t know I could like Brad more than I already did. Hey, he even knows how to throw a good dig too.