Vlad Tenev

The story of Reddit’s war against Wall Street continues to progress. Today, trading app Robinhood decided it was a good idea to not allow people to buy stocks in GameStop and AMC, two stocks that Reddit has helped soared in the market. For whatever reason, Robinhood’s CEO Vlad Tenev decided it was a good idea to go on television and try to defend the actions of his company.

This one of the sorriest, piss-poor excuses from one of the more piss-poor excuses of a human being. It’s honestly disgusting. How can a normal human being sit there on live TV and try to justify actions such as his? This was not about protecting the customers. That is a lie that every person with a functioning brain can see through.

Spineless Cowards

How dare Vlad try and say he did this for our benefit. Yes, you could buy and trade other stocks on the app. That’s not the point. Those other stocks weren’t the ones causing your suit friends to lose billions. You strategically shut down the trading of shortened stocks to dampen the losses.

So what if we can trade GameStop and AMC stock on the next day. The damage has already been done. Tomorrow is when the shorts are due and Robinhood helped limit the damage to the massive hedge fund corporations. All this man is a puppet of the suits.

It must be sad to live the life of Vlad Tenev. Sure, the guy is probably got a money pool like Scrooge McDuck, but he’s not his own man. He’s not his own person. He’s a puppet of the establishment and has to do clean up for the billionaires. One wrong step and he’s cut off from that world. Guess it’s hard living life without a spine.

I can guarantee you this Vlad, your app is dead. Robinhood won’t just fall off its top spot on the app store, but it will fall off the face of the planet. There are already multiple class-action lawsuits coming for your ass. Yes, you’ll have your hedge fund buddies to defend you. But you screwed with the internet. No one will ever get away with that.

The Game Was Rigged From the Start

Vlad Tenev
Fallout: New Vegas

My boy Anthony Fontanello said it perfectly in his emergency press conference. I highly suggest you watch it and subscribe to our YouTube while you’re there. Anthony is just like millions of other Americans that are trying to make his way in this twisted world. We here at Vendetta grind continuously to try and better our lives. But today, such an attempt was taken in a coup of the corporations against the American people. You can kill a revolutionary, but you can’t kill the revolution.

People like Vlad Tenev are a disgrace to the human race. I think I agree with Dave Portnoy in that these criminals should be imprisoned for what they did today to the American people. I don’t care about billionaires losing a bunch of money. They continuously get bailed out by the government. Where’s our bailout when the economy crashes? The only thing we commoners get is the bill.

I hoped on this train not to make money, but to stick it to some corporations that think they are above me and everyone else. I don’t care about profit. If I break even and they lose billions, then I’ll smoke a nice big cigar and laugh as they continue to while and cry about how the internet broke the system in three days. That’s why I’m in here for the long haul. I’m not giving in. HOLD THE DAMN LINE!