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Robert Saleh

(Bill Kostroun/New York Post)

Robert Saleh: Add Me To The List Of Your Receipts

Robert Saleh
Hey, Robert Saleh. I heard you were keeping receipts. Add me to your list of doubters. I respect the move but your team still stinks and it’s not changing anytime soon. (Bill Kostroun/New York Post)

Robert Saleh: Add Me To The List Of Your Receipts

Robert Saleh is chucking the middle finger to his haters. He wants all of them to know he’s keeping receipts for anyone that is doubting the current iteration of the Jets. I certainly respect the move. I keep my receipts all the time. However, I just want him to know that he should add me to the list as well.

After the Jets got molly whopped by the Ravens in Week 1, Saleh told the media he’s keeping receipts:

“I know it’s going to happen,” Saleh said of a turnaround, “and we’re all taking receipts on all the people who continually mock and say that we’re not going to do anything. I’m taking receipts and I’m going to be more than happy to share them with all of you when all is said and done.”

Like the move. Just can’t possibly be on his side. Being a Jets believer is just not in the cards for me. At least, the way things are currently constructed.

Is Robert Saleh a good head coach? Maybe? Look, my brain only goes in so many different directions. I’m way more interested in the roster construction/player evaluation side of stuff. I could certainly do more film posts but those take time… A good one of this week would be evaluating why the Dolphins cover 0 scheme gave Lamar Jackson fits a year ago and if Lamar can overcome it this go around. I’ll just be honest; no, I have not done film study on Saleh’s defensive tactics.

However, I have plenty of stuff for Joe Douglas which is why I think this regime will fail anyway even if Saleh works out. We can sit here and pretend that Douglas is doing a good job or we can get with reality.

Douglas has several crucial draft errors that has set his team back. It’s undeniable.

Douglas’ first draft in 2020 produced quite literally nothing. It’s a draft I gave the Jets an F for and it’s tracked perfectly in my favor. Let’s run down some of those key errors that I tracked and why he was wrong.

Taking Mekhi Becton over Triston Wirfs. Duh. Just an irresponsible pick. You’re the Jets. You can’t take boom or bust. Get the pick right.

Denzel Mims in round two. Just awful. I knew that guy stunk in college. Why didn’t you?

The rest of this draft is just comical. La’Mical Perine, Jabari Zuniga, and Ashtyn Davis. As bad as it gets.

I didn’t think the Jets had a terrible draft a year ago but it’s still spotted with key errors. The Alijah Vera Tucker thing looks like it’s going to work but you’re still the Jets. You can’t be trading up with a bad roster and it’s continued to dig Douglas into this hole.

Furthermore, while I liked Zach Wilson coming out of college, picking him ahead of Justin Fields was just wrong. At least, that’s not how I had it ranked. It’s probably too soon to declare this one dead but what Fields is doing on a terrible Bears team has definitely outshined any positive moments for Wilson.

You can’t make the errors Douglas has and then turn around and act like you’re the one keeping receipts. This is a bad football team and it’s one that’s only gotten slightly better because Pete Carroll got conned into thinking Jamal Adams is good. Outside of being gift wrapped into that obvious trade and getting free draft ammo, what has Douglas gotten right?

Are we forgetting that Robert Saleh basically had this same quote a year ago? How many times can you lose and pull out we’re different this time?

Soooo yeah… I’m keeping the receipts too. If you were smart you would beg Woody Johnson to hire me instead of that clown you decided to pair yourself with. Good luck to you, Robert Saleh. I’m doubting you and I don’t get proven wrong very often. Are you special enough to overcome the Jets? I’m going with no.


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