Robby Anderson
The Panthers signed Robby Anderson to be their deep threat. However, can Teddy Bridgewater actually get Anderson the ball? (Matt Rourke/AP)

Can Teddy Bridgewater Actually Get Robby Anderson The Ball?

The Panthers signed Robby Anderson this offseason to round out the wide receiver group. The addition of Anderson makes the incumbent group of DJ Moore and Curtis Samuel look better. The more you think about it, there’s just one problem, can Teddy Bridgewater actually get Anderson the ball? We may have a contrast of styles and an imperfect fit.

Robby Anderson is a one trick pony. He does one thing really well. Anderson is a great deep threat to have on your team but he doesn’t do much else. Anderson’s average depth of target over the last 3 years is 16.5 yards down the field. That leads the NFL by a good margin. His fit in Carolina becomes a question because of who his new quarterback is going to be.

It’s not a secret Teddy Bridgewater likes to play it safe. It’s not like Teddy is chucking darts down the field. Bridgewater had an AY/A of 6.8 this past year which is one of the lowest in the NFL. Teddy has never had a big cannon. He’s a smart game manager who wins games and keeps his team in it.

Maybe Bridgewater will take more shots down the field with Carolina. Maybe his average depth of target was just a product of being with the Saints. Maybe the focus on the short passing game will help Anderson convert his chances even if he potentially sees fewer of them. Does Matt Rhule actually think the Anderson fit is a good or did he just want him after coaching him at Temple? Will Robby Anderson have a good year in Carolina? It’s possible but it will take forcing Bridgewater out of his comfort zone.