Ezekiel Elliott
Ezekiel Elliott is earning his contract and remains the identity of the Cowboys when they are at their best. (Josie Lepe/AP)

Many pundits were critical of the Cowboys’ decision to pay Ezekiel Elliott the big bucks. Paying the running back position has become almost taboo. Many weeks later, it’s become very clear that Dallas made the right choice. No, this isn’t Dak Prescott’s team. No, Zeke didn’t turn into a pumpkin. Ezekiel Elliott is earning his contract and remains the face of the Cowboys franchise.

On the season (through Week 15) Elliott has 270 carries with a 4.4 YPC, 1,188 yards, and 11 touchdowns. That falls right in line with his career averages. Elliott is doing his part and has been hot as of late. The identity of the Cowboys still goes through Zeke. Anybody who thought otherwise was a fool. Dallas has struggled with its identity all season. They haven’t looked better than they did this past week against the Rams. Get Zeke the ball. 44-21 was the result.

Zeke hasn’t been perfect all season. He had a few down weeks as he got his legs back under him. Dallas is 2-4 when Elliott doesn’t get more than 19 carries in a game. There’s a reason. Dallas has tried to make Dak prove to them he’s worth the big bucks all season. It’s gotten them to 7-7. Give the ball to Elliott, let this offensive line cook, and dominate. When Dallas does that, they’re a dangerous football team.

Paying running backs hasn’t been a good idea in the past. In this case, Dallas didn’t have a choice. Elliott is a real face of the Cowboys and he’s remaining productive in his second contract. If Jason Garrett is smart enough to give Elliott his touches, Dallas will win the NFC East. If this turns into a Dak Vs. Wentz pissing contest, the door is open for Philadelphia. Just don’t forget who holds the keys in Dallas. It’s Zeke, not Dak. He might be the only running back in the league who can say that.