Le'Veon Bell
Stay away from Le’Veon Bell in free agency. Word is he gained a ton of weight this past season (Rob Carr/Getty Images)

In case you have been living under a rock recently, Le’Veon Bell is in the news again. He sat out the entire 2018 season because he didn’t want to get franchise. ESPN tried to lie about it because they had no clue what was going on. Now Bell finally will hit the open market in March. The thing that no one is talking about is whether Bell is worth the price it will take to land him in free agency? The logical answer to that question is hell no.

It appears that Bell has been eating and partying while he was sitting out the 2018 season and his body paid the price for it:

“Then there’s this: Word on the street is that Bell, who’s playing weight is about 225 pounds, ballooned to around 260 pounds at one point during his year-long hiatus (Manish Mehta said via NY Daily News. )There’s a fair amount of concern from the Jets about what kind of shape he’s in at the moment. (You’d have to think that Bell has lost most of his extra baggage by now).”

Yeah, no thanks. I’m out. People who don’t pay attention forget what goes on in Pittsburgh. They have a formula that develops young talent better than any other franchise. Whatever water they use to develop running backs, every team should be trying to steal that Krabby Patty Formula. People forget that Le’Veon Bell was humongous at Michigan State and lost a ton of weight in the Steelers program. It’s what made him successful. The Steelers did the same exact thing with James Conner. Conner was an enormous back at the University of Pittsburgh, was drafted by the Steelers, lost 20 pounds. Conner kept his power but become quicker and more elusive. It’s why he’s so good and why I loved him in fantasy this year.

If Bell isn’t in excellent shape and he’s overweight, there’s zero reason to invest in him. Especially because all the guy is looking for is one big payday. Keep in mind that Bell also ran behind an excellent offensive line in Pittsburgh. Given the nature of the position, you’re better off drafting someone and using the cap space elsewhere anyway. Stay away from Le’Veon Bell. The team that signs him will be given the idiot stamp of the offseason.