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Randy Moss
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Remembering The Randy Moss 2007 Fantasy Football Season

Randy Moss
Never forget the Randy Moss 2007 season from a fantasy perspective. It will go down as one of the greatest, yet somehow least predictable seasons of all time. (Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

Remembering The Randy Moss 2007 Fantasy Football Season

2006 was the first year I ever played fantasy football. It was a garbage snake draft but I had LaDainian Tomlinson during his touchdown breaking season and I was hooked ever since. The following year, Randy Moss put together the year of god. Except, it was far less predictable than Tomlinson the year before.

I’m starting to feel even saying this but we did all of our drafts in person. Some hideaway location where teenage Trey was thrown into a league with grown adults. We didn’t have rankings online. I brought my own excel sheet and crossed names off as they were taken. I couldn’t even tell you where Randy Moss was ranked that year because none of that stuff really existed.

The breakout 2007 season was far from obvious. Moss was set to turn 30 and was coming off a horrific season with the Raiders. Three touchdowns in 13 games? Yes, we knew Moss was being traded to the Patriots but there was more than one person screaming that the former first round pick from Marshall had lost a step.

In fact, I found this shitty fantasy ranking by CBS back in 2007. You can see just the way the article appears how disorganized and clueless fantasy content was back then. Moss didn’t even crack this list. Not even a top 200 pick?

I did not pick Moss that year. Not that I was convinced he was washed but the Patriots already had so many great weapons. I was good with waiting on Donte Stallworth or Wes Welker. With the way Tom Brady spread the ball around, they were all going to end up around the same point total anyway. Yes, I remember being 14 and thinking it through. I’m weird. Get over it.

Yeah, that didn’t happen. Of course, Moss went way too low. It was immediately one of those things you wish you could back because now it seems so obvious. Moss went on to catch 98 balls for 1,493 yards, and 23 touchdowns. That 23 touchdown mark is still the top ever for a wide receiver in a single season.

I wish I had Moss on my team that year. Boy, that Patriots team was fun. By far the best team to never win a Super Bowl. They hammered everyone and there wasn’t a week that Moss was quiet.

More importantly, it was a great lesson for me in fantasy. Pay attention to when players change teams. Make a bigger deal out of it whether it be a positive or negative. Jared Goff went to Detriot. It killed almost everyone on their team from a fantasy perspective. Matthew Stafford went to Los Angeles and Cooper Kupp blew up. Never forget the lesson Randy Moss taught us.

Back in 2007, Moss was a league winner. No question about it. Just like that, it was gone a few years later with Moss exiting New England in 2010. Things change fast. If you’re following a trend, just remember you’re too late.

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