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Red Sox Need To Sign Carlos Correa

The Red Sox need to sign Carlos Correa. It’s their only hope at salvaging the loss of Xander Bogaerts. There is no alternative. (Harry How/GettyImages_

Red Sox Need To Sign Carlos Correa

Tonight was heartbreaking for every Red Sox fan around the world. Xander Bogaerts is heading to San Diego after signing a massive deal with the Padres. We all know it’s an irresponsible contract handed out by San Diego. This sucks and it’s so heartbreaking but can you really blame the Red Sox here? I don’t and I wouldn’t have matched the deal.

My thoughts on Xander’s deal are here.

The X-Man is gone and I have to accept that now. As much as this hurts it’s time to move forward and luckily there is still time to salvage this. The Red Sox need to do whatever it takes to land Carlos Correa. There is no alternative. Actually, I know what the alternative is and it includes a full teardown. Nobody wants that.

Correa is someone that should be held in high regard by the Red Sox. Both Correa and manager Alex Cora hail from Puerto Rico. The two also spent time in Houston and it’s no secret that Cora is very fond of Correa. It’s not a surprise that a reporter from the Houston Chronicle is already putting out info that he believes the Sox will pivot to Correa.

Maybe we were a year too soon on this. I was driving the bus hoping Boston would sign Correa a year ago. Luckily, Correa signed a one-year deal with Minnesota and is back on the market this Winter. Boston needs to count their lucky stars that Correa is available because he’s their only hope at replacing Bogaerts with another elite option at the position. Correa is as good as it gets and is also 2.5 years younger. You feel better about handing out a longer term contract to Correa for that very reason.

It makes too much sense not to happen and this ownership / front office group needs to draw the line at some point. Their fan base thinks their cheap and just lost two iconic players (adding Mookie to this list) in a very short period of time. This is the Red Sox, not the Rays. This should be full fledged panic mode at this point. It’s time to prove you’re a real big market club now. I’m not overreacting by saying this. Otherwise, could a sale of the team be on the way to help finance the Fenway Sports Group move to Las Vegas?

There is no finishing second this time. Signing Carlos Correa is the only way to salvage losing Xander Bogaerts. Correa is the best defender at the position and it’s not close. A year ago, Correa posted a batting line of .291/.366/.467 with an OPS+ of 140. Correa also entering his age 28 season and is very much in the prime of his career. If you’re going to spend crazy money at shortstop, this may have been the correct play all along. Take advantage of it and don’t miss out.

There is no alternative. This is your only shot. If the Red Sox don’t land Correa, a Devers trade is coming. Make sure we don’t get to that point. Figure it out and make sure you don’t miss, Chaim Bloom. Your job depends on it… literally. I hope you don’t need me to tell you that because Bloom will get fired if he doesn’t salvage this. Correa is the ONLY way to do that at this point.

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