Carlos Correa
Are the Red Sox a darkhorse landing spot for Carlos Correa? While not a fit on the surface, Boston feels like a stealth suitor this Winter. (Elsa/Getty Images)

Are The Red Sox A Darkhorse Landing Spot For Carlos Correa?

There are a number of premium infielders hitting the free agent market this Winter, but Carlos Correa is the cream of the crop. After the Astros low balled Correa with a ridiculous offer, it appears certain that former number one overall pick in the 2012 MLB Draft will find a new home this offseason. Is it really possible that the Red Sox are the most likely destination for Correa?

On the surface, the idea of Correa signing in Boston sounds odd. Xander Bogaerts just won the AL Silver Slugger Award at the position. The same could be said for Rafael Devers at third base. Boston also has a ton of infield depth in the system including Tristan Casas, Jeter Downs, Nick Yorke, and Marcelo Mayer. Christian Arroyo also was a big time surprise last year at second base. Hell, Kike Hernandez is another option for the infield.

However, we know Chaim Bloom is willing to become creative to win. Kyle Schwarber didn’t seem like a logical fit when the Sox traded for him either with JD Martinez being a natural fit at DH. We also know that there has been talk of shifting Bogaerts and or Devers around to try to improve the infield defense.

Carlos Correa officially enters the chat.

Correa is a defensive wizard at shortstop and would theoretically kill two birds with one stone. Correa would upgrade the defense at short and second base. Sliding Bogaerts to second is one hell of an idea. Bogaerts’ defense automatically improves at second and there isn’t five teams in the league that could replicate that kind of offense at the position.

Boston also has tremendous payroll flexibility. After a 92 win season and an influx of young talent to the farm system, it’s go time. There is also a ton of money coming off the books with no real long term commitments on the entire roster beyond Chris Sale.

We also have to mention the Alex Cora factor. Cora was the bench coach in Houston prior to being hired by Boston. Correa loves Cora and it’s really no secret. The last player Cora had an affinity for was Kike who was signed last offseason. Boston already has two players on the roster from Puerto Rico including Kike and Christian Vazquez.

Of course, Correa will likely land a contract similar to the one that Francisco Lindor got from the Mets. There are only a handful of teams even capable of handing out that level of contract. So let’s break it down.

It’s been reported the Yankees prefer Corey Seager because of the left-handed bat. The Dodgers have enough players to try to retain but more importantly have the issue already solved trading for Trea Turner at the deadline. Chicago could be an option but Tim Anderson is already as good as it gets. The Giants already extended Brandon Crawford. Teams like Detroit, Chicago (Cubs), Washington, and Texas exist but neither are ready to win. Of course, San Diego, Toronto, Atlanta, and New York (Mets) have the position taken care of.

That doesn’t mean the Red Sox will sign Correa. They have other things that should be taken care of such as two open holes in the rotation. The same can be said for the bullpen if those rotation holes are theoretically plugged by Garrett Whitlock and Tanner Houck. Not to mention that Kyle Schwarber has to be brought back at all costs.

The Red Sox are ready to make a splash and have already shown their willingness to be creative to improve. Don’t count out the Sox in the Carlos Correa sweepstakes.