Rebirth Island
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Did Rebirth Island Finally Get Ruined In Season 4 Of Warzone?

Call of Duty Warzone took the gaming world by storm in 2020. While everyone was quarantined, people started to move away from Fortnite and Warzone became the most popular battle royal essentially overnight. Popular Twitch streamers like NickMercs, TimtheTatMan, and FaZe Swagg became the faces of Call of Duty Warzone. Like everybody else, I was looking for a new game to play during COVID and I found Warzone. I played Warzone for a couple of months and while it was fun to play with my buddies, the games were slow and lasted too long. After me and my friends got bored with normal Warzone, Activision and Raven Software did a great thing and brought Rebirth Island to COD Modern Warfare.

I did not play a lot of Call of Duty before Black Ops II but I soon found out the Rebirth Island was the same map they used for the game mode Blackout. The game mode was called Resurgence and unlike regular Warzone, you could respawn back into the game as long as your teammates stayed alive. My friends and I fell in love with the resurgence games modes on Rebirth Island. It was a lot faster pace – you could respawn and the games were done in 10 minutes.

Rebirth Island instantly became my favorite game mode. Additionally, all the sweats who played regular Warzone did not play Rebirth Island, making it easier to win games and drop a lot of kills in the process. I have not played any other Warzone mode since Rebirth Island was introduced into the game and was not planning on it either.

It pains me to say this, but Rebirth Island has finally been ruined. In the past couple of weeks since Season 4 was introduced, Rebirth has gotten a lot campier. Regular Warzone declined in popularity as it became stale due to a lack of updates to the map, and many of those who left regular Warzone moved to Rebirth Island. All the Verdansk campers are transitioning to Rebirth and ruining my favorite game mode.

If you have been playing Rebirth from the beginning then you know that when the game mode first got released, it was pretty relaxing and games were not that serious. I have probably been playing Rebirth for about four months and in the past couple of weeks, it has become very hard to play.

A lot of people are blaming Swagg and NickMercs for ruining Rebirth Island. Nick posted a video playing Rebirth and Swagg followed up by posting a video of his own. These guys are two of the biggest names in Warzone and have massive Twitch and YouTube followings. After those videos got posted to YouTube, Rebirth Island coincidently got a lot sweatier and campier. Do I think Nick and Swagg ruined Rebirth? Absolutely not.

I think the main reason Rebirth Island got ruined is that they failed to update or make any huge changes to the regular Warzone. After a full year, they have yet to make a huge update to the map and since the integration with Cold War, it has not felt the same. Season Four was released about three weeks ago. The new ground loot stinks, as they are fazing out Modern Warfare guns, and if you do not have Cold War you do not stand a chance playing Warzone.

I hope Rebirth Island can return to its original glory. Whether that means it gets less sweaty, they introduce some new guns, or best case scenario, regular Warzone gets a huge update. Many would surely return to regular Warzone if they changed the Verdansk map, eliminating these sweaty Rebirth Island lobbies. Activision, please get on it.

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