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NickMercs Is The Most Entertaining Streamer On Twitch

Nick Kolcheff, aka NickMercs, is one of the most popular video game players in the world. He has a huge following on Twitch and YouTube and became a partial owner of FaZe Clan this past year. Nick started back in 2010 playing Gears of War, where he built a little bit of a following on YouTube, but where Nick really took off was playing competitive Fortnite. Today, Nick plays Warzone daily and averages around 50,000 viewers. I want to preface this article by saying I got into watching streams about two years ago. I never really played any other video games other than Madden or NCAA Football as a kid. I got into watching people like Nick, TimTheTatMan, and Sypher PK play Fortnite when it was at its peak. As Fortnite began to die down and we got hit with quarantine, I was obsessed with watching people play Warzone. I started watching Nick play and got introduced to guys like FaZe Swagg, Biffle, and Crowder but NickMercs remained my favorite.

The thing that separates Nick from some of the other streamers is that while he is above average at playing video games, his personality is one of one. When I first started watching people stream on Twitch, I was only focused on watching guys who were elite at the video game they were playing. Similar to watching professional sports, you want to watch the best of the best, which is why Nick is so fascinating. Like I said before, Nick is an above-average video game player, but his personality is what had me coming back to watch.

Several streamers are better than Nick when it comes to playing Warzone, but from purely an entertainment standpoint, there is no one like NickMercs. One streamer that comes to mind that is a better player than Nick is Huskers. Huskers primarily plays Warzone on keyboard and mouse and is one of the best players I have ever seen. However, I cannot watch him play for more than 20 minutes. The guy is less interesting than paint drying and looks like he should be a CPA.

Another thing that separates NickMercs from his competition is that he is very down-to-earth and relatable. Nick is from the Detroit area and is a huge Michigan football fan. He does not fit the stereotypical “gamer” ideal as he frequently has streams where he works out or just watches some football. I knew Nick was going to be a favorite of mine when I logged onto his stream and he was playing Fortnite with Buccaneers wide receiver, Mike Evans. While it was probably a normal thing for Nick, seeing someone who plays video games with an NFL player was very cool. The man exudes positivity as well, and he is always trying to better himself and his community which I can’t say many streamers do.

Finally, the crew that Nicks runs within Warzone is a collection of some of the funniest people I have ever seen. The squad of Nick, Tim, Cloakzy, and Courage JD always provide instant entertainment and a bunch of laughs. I got nothing but respect for Nick, and he was fucked over by Nadeshot and 100 Thieves. All you can do is root for the guy.

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