Rashod Bateman
Rashod Bateman has zero fantasy value in Baltimore. The Ravens are going to hold Bateman hostage given the nature of this gimmick offense. (AP Photo/Andy Clayton- King) (Andy Clayton-King/AP)

Rashod Bateman Has ZERO Fantasy Value In Baltimore

We knew the Ravens were going to draft a wide receiver. The only thing we didn’t know is who it would be. That player turned out to be Rashod Bateman, which SUCKS for him. The truth of the matter is, Bateman has ZERO fantasy value in Baltimore and that’s for a ton of reasons.

Talent and opportunity creates fantasy success. I’m not sure Bateman is that talented and the opportunity stinks. I had Bateman ranked quite a bit lower than where he was drafted. Frankly, I’m not sure he’s much better than his former collegiate Tyler Johnson who the Bucs drafted in the 5th round. I just view Johnson as better than a 5th rounder and Bateman worse than a first rounder.

Bateman really doesn’t have a defining trait that you would say to yourself… WOW that man is gifted. Sure, he’s a more complete receiver than Marquise Brown. I’m not sure he’s better. To automatically assume Bateman is going to be this target share monster is probably a mistake.

Mark Andrews isn’t going away. Baltimore runs a ton of two tight end sets. We’re also talking about an offense that added Tylan Wallace and Sammy Watkins. Miles Boykin, Devin Duvernay, and James Proche are on the roster too. Bateman could easily win the job but let’s not pretend like the Ravens don’t have a multitude of other options on the roster.

Lamar Jackson is a gimmick quarterback. If you can’t see that, seek help. Baltimore ranked 32nd in passing yards per game a year ago. They also ranked dead last in attempts. When it comes to fantasy, why would you want a pass catcher on an offense that doesn’t throw and isn’t successful throwing the ball? Easy answer, you don’t. The Lamar thing is on a downward trajectory, to begin with.

If you have Bateman in a long term fantasy league, you’re better off trading him for whatever you can get. He has zero value. NONE. If you’re thinking about picking Bateman in fantasy, don’t say I didn’t warn you. It’s almost impossible to not be disappointed given the nature of this offense and the joke that’s throwing him the ball.