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Rap songs and the NFL collide

Rappers also share the same connection with NFL players as they do with the NBA. These Rap Songs are some of what I feel are classic or the best references rappers made to the NFL and its players.

Drake – Fake Love

Most Notable Lyric: No you can’t son me, you won’t ever get to run me
Just when shit look, outta reach, I reach back like one, three
Like one, three, yeah

Reasoning behind the lyric: Drake and Odell Beckham are reported as having a tight bond so of course when drake got the chance to shoutout the Star wide receiver he jumped on the opportunity. Odell Beckham made one of the craziest catches of his career during his 2014 season a one-handed catch falling into the endzone. Drake makes sure to remind us that it happened.

A Tribe Called Quest- Scenario

Most notable lyric: Ay yo Bo knows this (What?) And Bo knows that (What?) But Bo don’t know jack Â’cause Bo can’t rap

Reasoning behind the lyric: A Tribe Called Quest makes a reference to one of the greatest dual athletes we’ve ever seen Bo Jackson who played Running back for the Oakland Raiders & in the MLB for the Kansas City Royals, Chicago White Sox, and the California Angels. Bo Jackson is also known for his famous Bo knows commercial. Maybe A Tribe Called Quest is right Bo might know how to do everything but rap.

Lil Wayne – Green & Yellow

Most notable lyric: A-Rod got him offside, free play, huh?
That’s a cheesecake, huh? On a hot plate, huh?
Hail Mary, yeah, Aaron to Davante

Reasoning behind the Lyric: Lil Wayne has made many references to the NFL in rap songs through his illustrious Rap career but he is a Green Bay Packer’s fan at heart. So with the packers Clinching the first seed in the NFC on the back of Aaron Rodgers MVP level season and his star receiver Davante Adams, he of course made a song hyping his favorite team. I wonder how Lil Wayne feels about the Packer’s disappointing exit from the NFC championship game at the hands of Tom Brady and where they should go from here.

Jay-Z- La Familia

Most notable Lyric: Yeah, NFL investigations Oh, don’t make me laugh FBI investigation We stood up to that Facts only, everything real in my raps only

Reasoning Behind the Lyrics: Jay-z Another legendary rapper with Ties to the NFL but unlike Lil Wayne. Jay-Z’s relation with the league didn’t stop at fandom with the launch of his sports agency in 2013 the NFL responded by creating a new rule that agents must have a college degree, something that Jay-Z lacked. The relationship between the two seems to have been mended though because in 2019 he partnered with the NFL on the Inspire Change initiative to enhance the NFL’s live game experiences and to amplify the league’s social justice efforts.

Jay Critch- I’m A star

Most notable Lyrics: Super Bowl rings I just won the playoffs
Gotta go hard, I could never play soft Giant in New York I run it back like Saquon /And I gotta win no matter what like Fourth down, Hail Mary, no punts like Every time I touchdown I gotta stunt Randy Moss, yeah my number’s going

Reasoning behind the lyrics: Jay Critch, a rapper from New York, gives a shoutout to the New York Giant’s young running back Saqoun Barkley who was touted as a generational prospect coming out of the draft. He also makes reference to Randy Moss the hall of fame wide receiver known for putting up video game-like stats.