LeBron James
(Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Have you ever gone to a bar and someone random bought you a drink? Then fifteen minutes later you realized that person really just wanted to be the center of attention rather than just doing some nice. That’s exactly who LeBron James is (ALSO Russell Westbrook). Often being known as an unselfish pass-first superstar, some players within the Cavs locker room are upset with LeBron James lately. Instead of simply sharing the ball, there are rumbling that LeBaby James has looked to just pad his stats instead of keeping the ball moving for the right basketball play.

“Players have grumbled that (LeBron) James has slowed the ball movement, holding onto the ball until he sees an “assist” pass, rather than moving it quickly,” Via Joe Vardon of Cleveland.com.
Head coach Tyronn Lue even admitted his team wasn’t making winning plays. In fact, he claims some of the Cavs are playing for personal agendas. I wonder who he could be talking about! (COUGH LEBRON)

“I never really get concerned,” Lue said (this is the full quote via Vardon). “We’ve got to be better. We know that. But until we play better defensively, I think offensively sharing the basketball, everyone on the same page, and if guys have agendas, we’ve got to get rid of our agendas and play the right way.”
The Cavs have lost 6 of their last 8 games and seem to be limping on their latest road trip. The Cavs aren’t trying (Or they are just that pathetic on the defensive end) allowing 387 in their past three games. Even if James is simply looking for the assist, he isn’t doing a great job recording just one on Thursday against Minnesota. Notorious selfish player/horrible defender Isaiah Thomas refuted the report that the Cavs are playing for personal agendas. Then again, he’s shooting 5-26 the past two games and looks horrible without the brilliant Brad Stevens on the sidelines.
Only time will tell if the Cavaliers struggles will continue when it really counts come postseason time. Oh, wait I forgot to mention, this is one of the million reasons why Kyrie Irving wanted to leave.