Antonio Brown
The Raiders have officially released Antonio Brown (Eric Risberg/Associated Press)

The headache is over. Well, at least for the Raiders anyway. Antonio Brown has officially been released by the Oakland Raiders. After a drama filled offseason of threatening to punch people, helmet issues, and crazy Youtube videos, the Raiders have rid themselves of the cancerous AB.

The Team was the first to announce the move:

The Raiders were (should) be able to get out from the bad contract too. After hitting Brown with conduct detrimental to the team, that voided all of his guaranteed money in his contract. I would assume that after Brown went crazy this offseason an arbitrator will rule in favor of the Raiders with the conduct detrimental charge. The funniest part is that Brown will actually lose money here. Brown’s signing bonus was based on work out participation. Brown didn’t show up enough. AB will still have to pay the fines for not showing up and threatening Mayock.

Once the Raiders voided his guaranteed money, Brown wanted out. He just lost a $50 million contract with $30 million guaranteed just for being an asshole. Brown lost a ton of money here.

It must feel great to be a Steelers fan today. Pittsburgh collected a 3rd and 5th round pick for Brown just for the Raiders to cut him months later. As I said at the time, the trade NEVER made any sense for Oakland. I mean never.

I honestly don’t know if Brown will ever play in the NFL again. He’s a lunatic. Who the hell would even want him? The guy lost it and needs serious help. We thought Facebook live was bad. Just imagine all the things Pittsburgh was able to keep quiet when he was there. Mike Tomlin should be sent to negotiate world peace.