Henry Ruggs
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The Raiders Are Really Missing Henry Ruggs III

Henry Ruggs III is undoubtedly a massive piece of crap for drunk driving. It’s inexcusable, and he deserves the punishment he gets through the legal system. However, his presence on the field is greatly missed by the Las Vegas Raiders, but his absence may lead to the Raiders missing the postseason.

The AFC is an incredibly confusing and competitive conference. For a great period of time, the Las Vegas Raiders looked like the top dogs in their division and one of the better teams in the conference as a whole. Derek Carr is showing everyone why he’s that guy. A massive part of that was him being aggressive with throwing the ball down the field. Henry Ruggs III’s speed is a massive reason as to why Carr has become more aggressive downfield, but now that’s gone.

The speed that Ruggs brought being gone is a huge loss. Sure, the Raiders signed Desean Jackson, but he’s not Henry Ruggs III. The speed threat of Ruggs is also what allowed the Raiders to take what’s underneath, and of course, they had the option of the deep shot big play to get chunk yardage.

Now, he’s gone and likely for good. He averaged 19.5 yards per reception and was key to the success of the Las Vegas Raiders. More specifically their victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers where his 61-yard touchdown was seemingly the dagger and deflated the Steelers.

The next man up mentality won’t work in this situation. Henry Ruggs III presented something that is almost impossible to replace, especially midseason. The Raiders have to figure something out soon if they want their playoff hopes alive.

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