LeBron James
LeBron James called himself the greatest ever. Does it matter? (Orlando Ramirez/USA TODAY Sports)

The GOAT debate is the most insufferable debate in the history of sports. It truly is the most annoying sports topic on the planet. I’m going to talk about it anyway because LeBron James finally talked about it instead of letting Skip Bayless argue against him. In another episode of a show that nobody knows the name of on ESPN+, LeBron claimed he is the greatest NBA player ever.

“That one right there made me the greatest player of all time. That’s what I felt,” James said. “I was super, super ecstatic to win one for Cleveland because of the 52-year drought. … The first wave of emotion was everyone saw me crying. That was all for 52 years, everything in sports that has gone on in Cleveland. And then after I stopped I was like ‘that one right there made you the greatest player of all time.’”

“Everybody was talking about how they were the greatest team of all time. They were the greatest team ever assembled,” James said. “For us to come back the way we came back, in that fashion, I was like ‘you did something special.’”

“That’s probably one of the only times in my career I felt like, ‘Oh s—, you did something special,’” James added. “I haven’t really had time to really sit back and think, but that — that was a moment.”

This is just so sad. No one has tried to change his own narrative than LeBron. When things go well LeBron gets all the credit. When things go south, LeBron never gets the blame. What a life! Creating content like this to tell others that he’s the greatest? Weak and sad. No player could ever be the greatest who doesn’t make others better. It’s been statistically proven. Plus, nobody wants to play with LeBron.

I’m a guy who doesn’t like MJ or LeBron. What we should be talking about is that they both have addiction issues. Jordan is addicted to gambling and now LeBron has alcoholic issues. Showing up to an arena with wine? Where’s the open container violation? Not to mention that he also funnels wine to under age kids. That’s what I saw him do this winter break.