Amanda Nunes
Darren Rovell doesn’t think Amanda Nunes is marketable (Mark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports)

Is there anyone in America that doesn’t hate Darren Rovell? ESPN has a lot of clowns but Darren Rovell is different from the rest of them. He tweets about nonsense. I don’t mean that in the way of the typical sports hot take. A common Rovell tweet, for example, looks a lot like this: “Dabo’s sweet hat of course not available at retail”. I should note that Darren Rovell is a former ESPN employee but I honestly did not know that he left the company?

Today what we are here to discuss is Rovell’s recent tweet about the UFC. Rovell is claiming that Amanda Nunes isn’t marketable after she became the first woman to win two belts at two different weight classes at the same time:

What the hell does Darren Rovell know about fighting? I don’t think he could beat up a squirrel. If you could get beat up by an 11-year-old, I don’t think you should be allowed to even talk about the UFC. If Darren Rovell wants to talk about how Wegmans is growing in popularity, that’s fine by me but don’t start talking about the UFC.

Second, tell me how this isn’t entertaining? The women in UFC have become better. Ronda Rousey wasn’t even good. The depth of talent is becoming better and better. Tell me how these women fighters aren’t scary?

She’s terrifying. You think Ronda Rousey could throw hands like that? Hell no. If you’re a real UFC fan that just likes watching high-level fighting, then Amanda Nunes is great for the sport. Dana White, for the record, HATES Rovell which makes me like Dana White more.

What is the real motivation by Rovell? Sure, I get that Rousey isn’t ugly so that is marketable, I guess. Then again, how is Cyborg marketable? I don’t remember her ever getting pushed by the UFC? You know what might be it? I think Rovell hates lesbians. There’s no other explanation. Nunes is engaged to another UFC female fighter. Rovell must really be anti-gay marriage because there is no other reason for his hatred. Look, Jon Jones was the headliner on Saturday night anyway so I’m not sure why Rovell was so angry.