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Raiders Fantasy WRs: Picking The Right Fantasy 2021 WR From Raiders

Raiders Fantasy WR
Nov 1, 2020; Cleveland, Ohio, USA; Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Henry Ruggs III (11) catches a ball in the end zone but was ruled out of bounds during the first half against the Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Raiders Fantasy WRs: Who Will Be The Best Fantasy 2021 WR For Raiders?

This seems to be the most pressing question for anyone looking to draft a Raiders WR for fantasy this year (you shouldn’t). Being the main miserable Raiders fan of the site, I will try to dissect who will come out on top as the best of the team’s fantasy WRs. No, I will not take the route of Darren Waller being the best receiver for the Raiders like Karl said, despite him being right. I do recommend taking Darren Waller if you want anyone from the Raiders, but he’s technically a TE and not a WR. Once again, I don’t recommend taking a Raiders WR for fantasy, but in deep leagues, it might just have to happen for you.

The Candidates:

As far as candidates, we have this:

Henry Ruggs III

Hunter Renfrow

Bryan Edwards

John Brown

Willie Snead IV

While there are other WRs on the team, they really aren’t relevant. To me, these 5 are the only ones that have a chance. Let’s rank him, and I’ll explain why.

5. Willie Snead IV

I put Willie Snead IV here because there are rumblings that he will get cut on the final cuts. That is very much a possibility. He was just okay in Baltimore, and he is a really decent WR 3 or 4. But, it’s hard to be excited about any production that he might bring. Willie Snead IV might be the most recognizable name on this list but the worst in production if he is even on the Raiders.

4. Henry Ruggs III

The new deep threat for the Raiders? Possibly. That’s where Henry Ruggs III’s value comes from anyway. His speed is killer to where if he snags a couple of deep balls a game, his fantasy potential is immense. But that is all it is, potential. Gruden’s West Coast offense plays the short game a lot. Building on long drives to tire out the defense. Unless the defense is pressing hard, most balls won’t go deep. The Raiders hoped they had their own Tyreek Hill in Henry Ruggs III, but his rookie year was disappointing. Maybe they will utilize him better, but he seems to be a scheme fit to open up the defense with his speed. Don’t count on Ruggs being a league-winner.

3. Bryan Edwards

Very sneaky pick here. If you don’t know who Bryan Edwards is, I don’t blame you. He didn’t play all that much last year, but I have high hopes for him this year to surprise some people. I think Gruden will be looking to get Bryan Edwards more involved. He’s a big body at 6’3 and 215 lbs. I don’t know how much he will be active in the down-to-down offense, but in the red zone, where the Raiders need to improve, they might be looking at Bryan Edwards for TDs. He can be a very sneaky pick where if you draft him and he pans out, you’ll look like a genius.

2. John Brown

I don’t understand the hate or disrespect that John Brown gets. He was solid in Buffalo until Stefon Diggs overshadowed him. Then he was hurt for most of the time last year. I think he can get back on track here in Las Vegas. I definitely trust him than the other 3 guys on this list so far. He’s the most experienced WR on the team right now. He might take the Nelson Agholor role and get his career on track here to put everyone on notice. John Brown will be fine and have a decent season. I’d take the last WR on this list first, obviously, but John Brown isn’t far off for fantasy.

1. Hunter Renfrow

Probably the most unathletic-looking WR on the Raiders is ironically the best WR on the team. While Hunter Renfrow might not look the part, he definitely plays the part. His footwork and hands are easily the best on the team. While some hate the PPR format, Hunter Renfrow might be quite valuable in that aspect. Renfrow has earned Derek Carr’s trust to where he has become the go-to WR when in trouble (other than Waller, of course). Most of Raider Nation has coined the nickname 3rd and Renfrow, meaning he’s the guy to go to on 3rd down. While he has only averaged about 50 receptions per season and 600 yards in his career, I can see a considerable jump from that. He won’t be a 100 reception receiver, but I can definitely see a ceiling of 75 receptions this season. At his average of about 12 yards per reception, he will be close to 900 yards. That solid production for him. He’ll be the best of the team’s fantasy WRs. His only flaw: He won’t get nearly enough TDs for your fantasy team.

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