Tyron Woodley
CLEVELAND, OHIO – AUGUST 26: Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley pose during a press conference at the Hilton Cleveland Downtown prior to their August 29 fight on August 26, 2021 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Tyron Woodley Is Going To Make This Ugly

When this boxing match was first announced between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley, we gave you an early preview, and the consensus was no one really knew how this was going to go. The assumption was that Woodley, a former UFC Champion, should defeat Paul quite easily. But when you consider Paul has been training seriously for a few years now, and Woodley has not looked good in his last few fights inside the octagon, you could argue that Paul had the upper hand. But after yesterday’s events at a press conference for their upcoming fight Sunday, August 29th, I have no doubts Woodley is going to crush Paul.

If there is one thing we MMA fans know about Tyron Woodley, it is that you do not, and I mean under no circumstance, talk about or disrespect Mama Woodley. The word going around is that someone or a few people within the Jake Pual camp were talking shit about Woodley’s mom either during the press conference or right before, and Woodley caught wind of it. Even Woodley’s sister got into the face of one of Paul’s crew about it. This is going to prove to be a fatal mistake on the part of Paul. We have not seen this kind of focus and rage out of Woodley in years. He is coming to bounce heads off the mat, and he will do just that to Paul.

There is no doubt in my mind who I am rocking with this Sunday: Tyron Woodley. I was leaning him anyway just based on his insane punching power, but man, you talk about his mom and not expected to get killed inside the ring? No shot. The entire MMA community is pulling for Woodley, and I firmly believe he will get the job done and get it done early against Paul.

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